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Training at HANSA-FLEX – the first 60 days

At HANSA-FLEX, Warehouse Logistics Specialist and the two-year variant Warehouse Specialist are the most common training courses, with just under 50% of our trainees learning this profession.

60 days until retirement

After 25 years at HANSA-FLEX, Falk Simon is now about to take his well-deserved retirement. He looks back over the last 60 days and reports on his time at HANSA-FLEX.

Firmly in the saddle

Whether it's show jumping, dressage, riding in the Wadden Sea, training horses or coaching young riders: for Marie Abel equestrian sport has been an integral part of her life since childhood.

Tradition kept alive

Fenja Tienken is passionately committed to taking part in folk dance tournaments.

Vintage motorbikes

For service technician Carlo Nopp, vintage motorbikes are a way of life.

The Honey Guy

Most of the honey used in the 2020 HANSA-FLEX mission statement campaign came from Johann Thoma and his 15 beehives. The member of the office staff at the Manching branch represents the third generation in a family of highly committed hobby beekeepers.

Mountain climber Ramunas Sabaliauskas

Ramunas Sabaliauskas has been a workshop employee at the Klaipeda, Lithuania, branch of HANSA-FLEX since 1997. For much longer -- since 1980 -- he has spent his leisure time climbing the world's mountains.