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Preassembled hose lines, ready to install

We preassemble customised hydraulic hose lines from samples and to suit customer specific requirements for low, medium and high-pressure applications with the associated fittings in our branches. Our hose specialists always keep the safety of people and the environment in mind when selecting the materials and the method of joining the hose to the fitting. Whatever your need, we can advise you and manufacture a suitable hose line.

A system solution tailored to your requirements

The highest quality standards apply to our preassembled hose lines. The result is a leak-proof positive connection between hose and fitting, guaranteeing safety in use even at high pressures.

Advice and manufacture by experienced technicians

The preassembly and inspection of hydraulic hose lines are performed only by trained employees. They assemble suitable components for every proposed use and connect them properly together. Our technical employees as experienced contact partners see giving customer advice as part of their job and have undergone comprehensive training. In addition, officially authorised persons for whose technology inspect your machines and systems on site and assess whether and which hose lines need to be replaced. They also advise you on how to optimise your hose arrangements.

Professional preassembly in the HANSA‑FLEX branch

Each of our branches has its own hose workshop to ensure faultless manufacture of hydraulic hose lines. Here our experienced technicians cut, peel and crimp hose products to form ready-to-install hose lines. With access to top-class machines and innovative hose technology, such as hose rollers, cutters, peelers, crimpers, devices for cutting to length, projectile cleaning, test mandrels and pressure test benches, our technicians manufacture high-performance hose lines of various sizes in their workshops to consistently high quality standards.

Professional preassembly guaranteed

Preassembling customised hose lines starts with cutting the hydraulic hose to the required length, then crimping and marking and finally an optional pressure test.

After determining the cutting dimension, we cut the hydraulic hose to the correct length using dedicated hose-cutting machines. Then we peel the hose to achieve the required skive length for the chosen attachment method and check the result for the correct nipple constriction.

Every hose is dry cleaned immediately after cutting, before any foreign material has had chance to cool and firmly adhere. The projectile is shot under high pressure through the entire length of the hose from both ends. This removes all loose and fine particles of dirt from inside the hose.

After pushing on a steel or stainless steel fitting correctly dimensioned for the hose, we crimp the fitting onto the hose. We use various hose crimping devices depending on the hose type and hose size. Finally we check that the crimping has been successful by comparison with the dimensions in our crimping dimension charts.

Each of our HANSA‑FLEX preassembled hose lines is given a unique and durable marking using the alphanumeric X-CODE system [Verlinkung Landingpage “X-CODE hose marking”]. This enables hose lines to be reliably identified and simplifies reordering anywhere in the world.

In main quality assurance facilities in Bremen, we check all components such as hoses and fittings. Each individual step in the preassembly process follows our defined rules. This ensures we maintain the same high quality for all our hose lines anywhere in the world.

Hoses preassembled in your locality

As a fluid technology specialist with many years’ experience, HANSA‑FLEX offers the highest degree of flexibility, safety, durability and cost efficiency in hose line manufacture directly in its local branches.

  • Experienced technicians

    Every hose is assembled and inspected by qualified personnel

  • Comprehensive support

    We discuss your requirements and any potential for optimisation before manufacturing the hose

  • Extensive warehouse stock

    Extensive stocks of common fittings and hoses ensure rapid completion

  • Quick delivery

    We start work on your requirements without delay. You receive the finished hose line soon after completion

More benefits for you

  • Optimum hose preassembly processes, cutting, peeling and cleaning
  • High-quality components from HANSA‑FLEX and renowned manufacturers
  • Personal service from our technicians on site
  • HANSA‑FLEX is your guarantee of professional preassembly
  • The perfect combination of fitting and hose

Preassembly of numerous hose types

In addition to hydraulic hose lines, we also manufacture hose lines for numerous other fields of application such as the transport of hot or abrasive media or for use in the food industry.

Preassembly of combined hose-pipelines

In addition to hydraulic hose lines, HANSA‑FLEX also manufactures combined hose-pipelines for a wide range of fluid technology applications. The experienced specialists use their comprehensive knowledge to advise you on the appropriate design and give helpful tips about correct installation.

  • Implementation of flexible line geometries
  • Advice for planning of hydraulic systems and machines
  • High-quality processing using certified welding procedures

Preassembly of metal hose lines

We preassemble robust metal hose lines from high-quality corrugated hoses. Welding in accordance with DIN EN ISO 3834-2 guarantees a safe connection even under extreme conditions.

  • Certified jointing processes, 100 % tested for leaks
  • Nominal diameters from DN 6 to DN 250 mm
  • Free of oil, grease and LABS, depending on requirements

Preassembly of industrial hose lines

In the specialist hose centre, we manufacture top-performing industrial hose lines to the customer’s wishes for the whole spectrum from construction to the chemical and food industries.

  • Manufactured in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Directive, DGUV and T 002
  • Preassembly including accessories and connection systems
  • Suction and delivery hose line manufacture

Service with added value

Opting for HANSA‑FLEX hose preassembly also benefits you with a range of additional services.

Challenging applications such as the defence, maritime and mining industries demand the use of certified hose lines. In addition to the HANSA‑FLEX GVZ production workshop in Hamburg, some branches can preassemble hose lines in accordance with requirements of DNV, MED, Bureau Veritas and many other classifications.

On request, we also install the appropriate protection devices and safety equipment directly onto your hydraulic hose lines. By having suitable protection against rubbing, heat or kinking installed, you avoid premature wear on your hydraulic hose lines, while protecting people and the environment.

As operating equipment contaminated by oil, hydraulic hoses pose a risk to the environment. Transport and recycling are therefore subject to strict requirements. Working with a certified waste management company, we ensure their professional disposal, including temporary safe storage in tested collection containers.

Hydraulic hose lines must be professionally inspected by officially authorised persons every 12 months after being brought into first use. Our experts perform the prescribed visual inspections and function tests in accordance with the requirements of DGUV, BetrSichV and the EU Directive on Equipment Safety 2009/104/EC.

New and replacement hoses are manufactured in the local HANSA-FLE

Our technicians advise you as your direct contact partner in our local branches and work closely with you to create the perfect hose solution for your specific application.

  • Comprehensive hose line advice, delivered personally on site
  • Ready-to-connect, made-to-measure hydraulic hose lines
  • Preassembly of all hose types commonly used in hydraulics
  • All common connection types (skive, double-skive, no-skive)
  • In sizes DN 6 to DN 51 for all applications
  • Larger nominal diameters up to DN 125 on request
  • Fittings in steel and stainless steel, with optional pull-out protection
  • Processing of hoses made from elastomeric or thermoplastic material
  • Manufacture including hose protection and other safety-relevant equipment
  • Stationary pressure test up to 1,200 bar
  • Permanent hose marking with X-CODE
  • Dry-cleaning, option for additional cleaning after crimping
  • Sealing of hose ends, with plastic caps or by wrapping in transparent film
  • Disposal of old hoses and recycling of metal fittings
  • Removal and installation of hose lines on request
  • Preassembly of hose packages
  • Implementation of special solutions based on samples or requirements
  • Broad range of suitable accessories such as hose winders

Hose-related services

As well as manufacturing hose lines in series production facilities, we also offer various solutions for manufacturing customised, preassembled solutions for you directly on site. In addition, our experienced fluid experts can advise you with hydraulic li

Hose line series production

As an experienced manufacturer of high-quality hose lines, HANSA‑FLEX manufactures ready-to-install hydraulic, high-pressure, PTFE and industrial hose lines in large or small batches for OEM suppliers. You can expect excellent process reliability and compliance with quality standards. We also adapt our procedures in warehouse product management and logistics to suit your requirements.

Plant-in-plant production for process efficiency

With plant-in-plant-production from HANSA‑FLEX, you benefit by having hydraulic hoses and other components manufactured in harmony with your in-house processes.

  • The necessary components are made available Just-In-Sequence
  • Any required unforeseen adaptations are quickly made on the spot
  • Immediate availability of components, no warehousing costs

Customised hose lines made wherever you like

The HANSA‑FLEX hydraulics container is a mobile workshop with all the machines, tools and components required to preassemble hose lines in remote regions of the world.

  • Maximum availability of hydraulic hose lines
  • Minimising of time and money lost due to standstills
  • Stocking, advice and training included

Pipe and hose installation for complete plants

Our service technicians and installation teams install all the pipes and hoses on machines, systems or mobile hydraulic units. To do this they first identify the potential for optimisation, taking into account positions, dimensions, design, material choice and efficiency. The next step is to agree a time window for the work with you and then implement the required measures.

Expert knowledge of theory and practice

In conjunction with the International Hydraulics Academy, we offer a wide range of seminars and training in various fields of fluid technology, covering everything from the basics of hydraulics to the details of more complex topics.

  • Knowledge of pneumatics, electro-hydraulics and proportional hydraulics
  • Courses to become an officially authorised person for hydraulic line equipment
  • Advanced training to become qualified as a hydraulics specialist (HWK)

These topics may also be of interest to you

A suitable hose for every application

With us you can select from a wide range of high-quality hydraulic, industrial, preformed hoses, pressure and suction hoses manufactured from many different materials.

Hose fittings with zinc-nickel surface coating

HANSA‑FLEX hose fittings are perfectly matched to the hose type, so that a safe connection is guaranteed even at high pressures.

Pipelines made-to-measure

Bent pipelines from HANSA‑FLEX are available in various materials, such as steel, stainless steel, copper or aluminium, and with different surface treatments.