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A focus on customers and flexibility since 1962

The history of HANSA‑FLEX began six decades ago in a small garage in Achim, near Bremen. In 1962, businessman Joachim Armerding starts manufacturing and selling hydraulic hose lines, laying the foundation for today’s HANSA‑FLEX AG. The company sees plenty of growth in Germany in the following years before going international in 1989. Today, HANSA‑FLEX is a global family business with foreign subsidiaries on all five continents.

The 1960s


Joachim Armerding founds the company Joachim Armerding Industriebedarf, laying the foundation for what would later become HANSA‑FLEX AG. The company operates from his garage at his house in Achim near Bremen. Here, he assembled the first hose lines at his “green workbench”, which can still be seen today at the company headquarters.


Increasing demand and customer insistence for high-quality hydraulic hoses led Joachim Armerding to set up his first workshop in a former plumber’s shop in Bremen. The first employee is hired in the same year.


In the mid 1960s, annual turnover exceeds 100,000 DM for the first time. The second branch is opened in Osnabrück in an old joinery. Friend and companion Günter Buschmann manages this branch, joining the company as partner shortly thereafter.

The 1970s

1972 — Renovation of the first headquarters is inaugurated in Bremen-Mahndorf. In the same year, the third branch opens its doors in Elze, Lower Saxony.


1974 — With the establishment of the fourth branch in Duisburg, the name Joachim Armerding Industriebedarf is no longer appropriate. The company is renamed HANSA‑FLEX.


1975 — The first uniform company logo is introduced and used until 1989, featuring a hose together with a standard fitting. Even then, HANSA‑FLEX red was used as the company colour.


1977 — With more than 25 employees, HANSA‑FLEX achieves an annual turnover of over ten million Deutschmarks for the first time.


The 1980s


1980: In Höxter, HANSA‑FLEX Metallschlauch GmbH is founded as the first business division outside standard hydraulic applications. HANSA‑FLEX now manufactures specific metal hose assemblies for the food and chemical industries.

1980: HANSA‑FLEX enters the digital age. At the beginning of 1980, the eight branches receive IT systems networked with the head office in Bremen.

1986: Thomas Armerding and Uwe Buschmann, sons of the company founders, join the company as regular employees and get to know the business from the bottom up – a futuristic step to ensure HANSA‑FLEX’s continued quality and focus as a family-run company.

The 1990s

1990 —  The BJU/ASU names Joachim Armerding Entrepreneur of the Year for 1990. The first branch office in the “new” federal states opens in Schwerin.


1993 — The automated small parts warehouse (AKL) at the head office in Bremen begins operations. A second administration building is erected soon thereafter.


1995 — The second generation of the founding families obtains head positions: Thomas Armerding and Uwe Buschmann are appointed managing directors.


1997 — HANSA‑FLEX opens its first branch outside Europe in Iskenderun, Turkey.


1999 —  With the opening of locations in Billings/Montana USA and Blumenau in Brazil, HANSA‑FLEX is represented on the American continent for the first time.


The 2000s


2001: HANSA‑FLEX expands its range to include a mobile service. The Rapid Hydraulic Service is founded halfway through the year, with 26 vehicles deployed nationwide.

2001: HANSA‑FLEX opens its own in-house training centre for employees. The Hydraulic Components Department (HKO) begins operations right next door. The company now has 167 branches worldwide.

2009: HANSA‑FLEX opens its central Asian headquarters in Shanghai, China, now organising purchasing, training and production in the region, and supplying all nearby branches in Asia. The first branch office in China was established in November 2003.

2010 – 2019

2010 – HANSA‑FLEX GmbH becomes HANSA- FLEX AG. The shares remain in the hands of the founding families. Thomas Armerding becomes chairman of the board of directors, with Uwe Buschmann serving as his deputy.


2010 – The second central warehouse is opened in Geisenfeld, supplying branches in southern Germany and southern Europe.

2011 – HANSA‑FLEX receives DIN EN ISO 14001 certification (environmental management).
2012 – HANSA‑FLEX celebrates its 50th anniversary. There are 384 branches and 269 vehicles of the Rapid Hydraulic Service worldwide.
2012 – HANSA‑FLEX opens its own trainee branch near Kassel. The entire branch is managed by HANSA‑FLEX AG trainees.
2012 – Company founder Joachim Armerding establishes the HANSA‑FLEX Foundation. Its aim is to promote education and training, including support for students.
2013 – The HANSA‑FLEX app and the HANSA‑FLEX online shop make it easier to get in touch and access information, services and products.
2015 – Company founder Joachim Armerding passes away at the age of 80. Never one to quit working, Mr Armerding could always be found in his office at the company headquarters in Bremen.
2019 – With Alina Armerding, Thorben Buschmann and Cedric Buschmann, the third generation of the founding families arrives at the company.

The 2020s


2020: Groundbreaking ceremony for the largest construction project in the company’s history. The expansion of the company headquarters is built in Bremen-Mahndorf. The total investment amounts to more than 22 million euro.

2021: Co-founder, long-time Managing Director, Shareholder and Honorary Chairman of the Supervisory Board Günter Buschmann passes away at the age of 85.

2022: The Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors, Uwe Buschmann, goes into his well-deserved retirement after 36 years in the business. Florian Wiedemeyer is appointed to the board of directors as CFO.

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