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Project planning for hydraulic systems

The design and construction of hydraulic systems requires specialist knowledge. The applicable standards and regulations such as DGUV are continually changing. Therefore, companies designing their own hydraulic systems face a big challenge to ensure they are technically up to date and comply with the latest statutory requirements. Our experts have years of experience in this area and support you with the project management of your planned hydraulic system.

From initial advice to implementation

We support you in all phases of the project. We advise you during the planning phase and answer any questions of safety and energy efficiency, provide active support with the design, check your drawings and implement your requirements professionally.

We can design a system to meet your requirements or check your drawings

We design your hydraulic system to meet your requirements. If you have already produced your own drawings, we check your proposals. When doing this we pay particular attention to the following:

  • Optimum use of the installation space and the hydraulic energy
  • Selection of the ideal material for the specific requirements
  • Compliance with permitted bending radii with no imposed torsion
  • Observance of relevant standards such as DGUV, DNV-GL and EN 45545
  • Ensure continued availability of spare parts (obsolescence management)

Detailed project planning to ensure correct timing

Our hydraulic experts not only have extensive specialist knowledge, they are also experienced project managers. They help you coordinate the project and work towards achieving completion on time and within budget.

  • Creating a project programme
  • Define realistic and verifiable milestones
  • Deadlines to keep the project on schedule

Implementation by experienced specialists

In addition to time management, our specialists also undertake resource management, ensuring that all the labour and material required for each work package are available.

  • Specialist personnel for all work packages
  • Experts in tasks that require specific qualifications or experience
  • Assured material availability
  • Workshop containers can be made available if necessary

Advantages for you from plant project management by HANSA‑FLEX

Benefit from the specialist knowledge and experience of our experts.

  • Technically right up to date

    Expert knowledge about pipeline routing, component selection, materials and connection technology.

  • Legally on the safe side

    Observance of industry-specific regulations and standards.

  • Professional management

    Practical planning and coordination of workflow, specialist employees and material availability.

Plant project management by HANSA‑FLEX in detail

Having HANSA‑FLEX support during your project is worthwhile for many reasons.

As a global hydraulics system partner, HANSA‑FLEX has a large and high-quality workforce at its disposal. We can provide trained specialist personnel for all work and the appropriate experts for tasks that require special technical knowledge.

Sectors such as the steel or chemical industries, the maritime field or railways have their own standards and safety regulations that specify precisely which materials and connection technology are allowed to be used. In these areas too, HANSA‑FLEX has the appropriate in-house expertise.

Our experts support you in the planning of systems and coordination of the work involved. Working with your engineers, they check and optimise the drawings, material selection and project organisation to achieve the optimum design then coordinate its implementation.

As Europe’s largest hydraulics equipment dealer, we can be relied upon for excellent material availability. Two central warehouses and locally kept stock at our 250 branches all over Europe can cover the highest demands. We can usually supply even special components very quickly through our network of partners.

Expert advice

HANSA‑FLEX has proven experts for all sectors and facets of fluid technology.

“Companies not engaged on a day-to-day basis with the technical and legal aspects of hydraulic systems cannot be expected to know everything about this vast and continually changing subject. Our experts have the relevant know-how and are happy to make it available to you.”

Frank Drietz

Manager Industrial Service North, HANSA‑FLEX AG

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