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The optimum hydraulic pump for any application

Hydraulic pumps are the heart of every hydraulic system. The build up the pressure in the system and take the energy of the oil to where it is needed. Our extensive range of gear and axial piston pumps in proven HANSA‑FLEX quality covers a wide field of requirements in industrial and mobile hydraulics. Our product portfolio also contains radial piston and vane pumps for special applications.

The HANSA‑FLEX pump portfolio for hydraulics

With HANSA‑FLEX, you gain from reliable, long-lasting solutions and the rapid delivery of all the required components.

Gear pumps are cost-effective and robust

HANSA‑FLEX gear pumps are robust, cost-effective, simple in construction and straightforward in use. This is why they are found in numerous areas of mobile and industrial hydraulics.

  • Cost-effective fixed displacement pumps
  • Displacements from 0.17 cm³ to 74.5 cm³
  • Operating pressure from 240 bar to 280 bar

Axial piston pumps can be used for applications well into the high pressure range

Axial piston pumps are available as fixed and as variable displacement pumps. They are capable of creating high pressures and impress with their compact design.

  • Creation of high pressures up to 350 bar
  • High displacement from 12 cm³ to 130 cm³
  • Low pulsation in flow

Radial piston and vane pumps

Our range of products includes radial piston pumps and vane pumps for special useage scenarios. They are capable of creating pressures up to 500 bar for example.

Your advantages with HANSA‑FLEX hydraulic pumps

Benefit from our extensive product portfolio of hydraulic pumps, good availability and competent advice from our fluid experts.

  • Proven quality

    With us you can count on receiving hydraulic pumps in the proven HANSA‑FLEX quality.

  • Advice from hydraulics specialists

    Our experts advise you and find the optimum solution for your applications.

  • Excellent parts availability

    Our warehouse and logistics concept can supply pumps and accessories on a Just-In-Time basis.

Advice on the selection and design of hydraulic pumps

HANSA‑FLEX is not content to supply only hydraulic pumps. They always come bundled with specialist knowledge, advice and excellent availability.

The hydraulic pumps supplied by HANSA‑FLEX are suitable for numerous industries and applications. These include, for example, the plastics, paper and automotive industries and presses, test benches and lifting platforms.

As Europe’s largest hydraulics dealer, we can call on an extensive range of pumps and suitable accessories in our two main warehouses to fulfil even major orders at short notice.

Our extensive network of branches means that hydraulic pump expertise is never far away. Our experts are happy to advise you on pump type, size and capacity. As an experienced system partner, we always consider the whole hydraulic system.

How hydraulic pumps work

Cost-efficient and robust gear pumps

The type of design means the flow is not completely free of pulsation. On the other hand, this form of construction makes gear pumps very robust, cost effective and low maintenance.

Low-vibration, efficient axial piston pumps

In an axial piston pump, the piston rods are arranged in a circle on a swash plate and can move freely in a ball cup bearing. When the swash plate rotates, the opposite ends of the pistons rotate past the hydraulic oil inlet and outlet. All the piston rods move continuously due to the tilted surface of the swash plate. The greater the angle of tilt, the further down the cylinders the piston rods move and the higher is the resulting volumetric flow. Axial piston pumps are available in two versions: bent axis pumps with a fixed volumetric flow and variable pumps which allow the volumetric flow to be regulated. Their more technically complex design results in higher procurement costs and greater energy consumption.

Radial piston pumps for high pressures

Radial piston pumps work in a similar way to axial piston pumps. With radial piston pumps, however, the pistons are not arranged parallel to the drive axis but radially in a circle around it. The pump cylinder block is offset from the shaft axis. The resulting eccentric motion creates the pumping effect. Radial piston pumps can create very high pressures and are very efficient. However, they need to be solidly constructed to withstand the high pressure and therefore require more installation space.

Vane pumps for high volumetric flow

Vane pumps work efficiently, cause only slight pulsations and are very quiet. Compared to other pump types, they are subject to high wear and therefore require more maintenance.

Gear flow dividers for hydraulic applications

Flow dividers work using the same principle as a gear pump. The gears are connected to one another on a shaft, rotate at the same speed and move equal quantities of oil. This allows, for example, two circuits to be supplied with oil from one pump. HANSA‑FLEX has flow dividers available in sizes 0 to 2, 2-way and 4-way versions, with flows of 0.7 to 25.9 l/min per element and optionally with pressure limiting and phase correction valves.

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Training from the experts

In cooperation with the International Hydraulics Academy (IHA), HANSA‑FLEX offers a wide range of courses and seminars on fluid technology.

Repair and overhaul of hydraulic components

HANSA‑FLEX experts can repair and overhaul motors, pumps and cylinders of all sizes and from any manufacturer.

Valve technology for pressures up to 350 bar

With high-quality valves from HANSA‑FLEX, you benefit from excellent dynamics and short reaction times in a wide range of applications and installation situations.