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Retrofitting and renovating hydraulic systems

Retrofitting or renovating a hydraulic system can often be an effective alternative to purchasing a new one. It is also a way to raise energy efficiency and productivity or comply with new standards. Our experienced experts advise and assist you from the initial assessment of your existing system to the design and implementation of your retrofitting or renovation project.

Retrofitting and optimisation in one complete package

From analysis to implementation: Benefit from an upgrade or optimisation of your system with everything provided by the same supplier

Assessment of your hydraulic system

Renovation can often but not always be a quick and cost-effective alternative to purchasing a completely new system. Only if the rest of the equipment is in sound condition is it worthwhile to recondition or upgrade the hydraulics. However, that is not the only reason why we carefully assess your hydraulic system. We also check factors such as energy consumption and productivity. After considering all these aspects, a prudent judgement can be made on whether retrofitting promises better value than purchasing new equipment. The assessment also shows which parts of the system have the potential to be optimised and how it could be done.

Planning your renovation project

Our experts work with you to draw up a list of requirements. What are the possible efficiency gains? What standards have to be fulfilled? How much energy should be saved? Are there performance parameter values you would like or need to achieve?

Based on the answers to these questions we plan the renovation and alteration work, select suitable components and draw up a time and cost schedule. You can always count on the specialist knowledge of our experts in the field of control, pipeline and plant technology.

Implementation of renovation projects

You can completely rely on the experienced and excellently trained service technicians from HANSA‑FLEX Industrial Service for the implementation of all renovation and retrofitting projects. They have comprehensive specialist knowledge and years of practical experience.

Regular professional development training ensures the consistently high quality of the work they perform. Whether control technology or installing pipes and hoses, all the work is carried out to the customary HANSA‑FLEX level of quality. We do what we promise, and the quality speaks for itself.

Retrofitting hydraulic systems to the latest technological standards

Retrofitting and renovating hydraulic systems with advice and support from HANSA‑FLEX offers numerous advantages and provides true added value for your company.

  • Assessment and transparent advice

    Our experts properly assess your system and offer fair and competent advice.

  • Careful planning

    Before work starts on renovation, we draw up a detailed project plan including milestones

  • Standards and quality

    Our experts observe all standards and deliver proven HANSA‑FLEX quality.

  • Everything from a single source

    Everything from a single source: excellently trained technicians and the highest material availability.

Retrofitting and optimisation in detail

Retrofitting and renovating your hydraulic systems can therefore be worthwhile

Investment in a new system is not limited to the purchase price. The budget also has to provide for conversion work and the associated long stoppage times. When viewed against this background, renovation is often more attractive in terms of cost than purchasing a new system.

Renovating extends the service life of your system, increases return on investment and brings it up to the current state of technology. A newly designed system, on the other hand, can optimise the hydraulics, reduce costs and increase the system’s useful life.

Optimising a hydraulic circuit and introducing modern components usually increases energy efficiency. This often goes hand-in-hand with higher working speeds and greater productivity. Operating costs drop, as does the total cost of ownership (TCO), while profits rise.

Legal regulations are continually amended and extended over the product life cycle of a machine. Operators have a legal and moral obligation to observe such regulations, particularly in relation to the protection of health and safety. By retrofitting you bring your system into compliance with the latest legislation.

After renovation, a system works like new. However, unlike a new system, the operator does not have to completely retrain the operatives. The operatives need to become familiar with only the changed aspects of the machine and new components, such as the controls.

Our services for retrofitting and optimising

As a system partner, we provide extensive support to you on all aspects of optimisation and renovation of your machines and systems, with the aim of increasing efficiency and productivity.

  • Fault location and analysis
  • Economic analysis of renovation projects
  • Agreement on developing a suitable customised solution
  • Planning and advice about the renovation project
  • Carrying out of all work related to fluid technology

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