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A focus on togetherness

The HANSA‑FLEX Mission Statement forms the orientation framework for the daily actions of all employees worldwide. The underlying values and principles were developed in joint workshops by employees, managers and the owner families. Together with our HANSA‑FLEX Code of Conduct, we have a stable framework of values forming the basis of our corporate culture.

Our drive is in our DNA

The values and principles of our Mission Statement exemplify HANSA‑FLEX’s commitment to its customers, guiding us in our daily operations both internal and external.


  • We treat each other with appreciation and respect.
  • We act in a cooperative manner and support each other.
  • We communicate with one another openly and honestly.
  • We make sure that we and others are always well-informed.
  • We are part of a larger whole.


  • We deliver quality and expect the same from our partners.
  • We encourage our staff to work on their own initiative.
  • We question things critically and respect the opinions of others.
  • We are aware of our responsibilities towards colleagues and partners and implement these responsibilities.


  • We keep our promises.
  • We trust our colleagues and partners.
  • We represent security.

Environmental awareness

  • We conserve natural resources.
  • We avoid risks to the environment and to health.
  • We promote energy efficiency in hydraulics with regard to our customers, products and services.
  • We ensure that our processes are sustainable.


  • We develop innovative products and services.
  • We continuously expand our professional expertise.
  • We encourage and challenge our workforce.
  • We support our partners with consultancy and training.
  • We all work together to ensure the success of HANSA‑FLEX.


  • We respond to the individual requirements of our partners.
  • We offer our colleagues flexible opportunities to work throughout the group.
  • We identify changes at an early stage and respond immediately.

Voices from the HANSA‑FLEX Mission Statement group


“I’m very consistent with HANSA‑FLEX’s values in that when I say ’Yes’ to my customers, they know I’ll always keep my word.”

Alexander Mouth

Field Service HANSA‑FLEX Dägeling


“I like being part of the Mission Statement group because values, sustainability and respectful cooperation are important to me. Time spent with colleagues in the group also means a lot to me.”

Gerd Heyne

Branch Manager


“Reliability is very important, especially among family and friends. You can still feel the HANSA‑FLEX family spirit, even after having been here for awhile.”

Edwin Maringka

Head of Materials Management


Firmly anchored in our daily interactions

Company-wide campaigns, local initiatives and the work of the cross-departmental Mission Statement group keep the values of HANSA‑FLEX alive and up to date in everyday work life.

The Mission Statement group consists of employees from various corporate divisions and hierarchical levels. It meets regularly to plan actions and anchor the Mission Statement in all company areas and departments.

A delectable symbol for climate protection and biodiversity. As part of the 2020 Mission Statement campaign, employees worldwide received a jar of beekeeper’s honey and flower seeds.

HANSA‑FLEX plants its own forest – HANSA‑FLEX AG’s sustainable environmental commitment has found visible expression in the form of a mixed forest planted by the company itself near Bremen.

The HANSA‑FLEX Code of Conduct

As a company we are highly aware of our role in society and our responsibilities towards our partners and our workforce. We are therefore committed to clear guiding principles which form a framework for our daily operations.


We call on our partners to apply similar business principles. In accordance with our corporate responsibilities we are committed to the following basic principles:

  • We observe the laws and regulations of all countries, as they are our top priority. Should there be any lack of legal regulation, our Mission Statement and Code of Conduct apply in its stead.
  • We are responsible for safety in our working environment, which all our employees are privy to and regularly instructed in. For us, responsible action is an essential part of avoiding dangers or hazards.
  • We commit ourselves and our employees to protect natural resources in the long term by acting in an environmentally conscious manner.

We call on our partners to apply similar business principles. In accordance with our corporate responsibilities we are committed to the following basic principles:

  • We support and respect international human rights, with neither forced labour nor child labour being tolerated. We treat employees and business partners with appreciation and respect.
  • We provide equal treatment to all, regardless of gender, race, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, nationality, political conviction, trade union membership, social or ethnic origin or other personal characteristics.
  • We don’t tolerate corruption. In connection with our business operations, no advantageous personal benefits, gifts or invitations may be requested, granted, accepted or offered.
  • We maintain political neutrality as part our business operations and do not support any activities otherwise.

Want to personally enrich our team with your unique talents?

We are looking for new colleagues with a passion for their work and great expertise in their fields for various commercial and technical positions at several locations.

Focused on customers since 1962

From a one-man company to a global family business, HANSA‑FLEX first began in a garage in Achim, near Bremen, in 1962.

We know where our responsibilities lie

For HANSA‑ FLEX as an owner-managed family company, social commitment to people and society has always been a fundamental principle.