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Filter technology from HANSA‑FLEX

Effective filtration is fundamental to the full functionality and long service life of highly-sensitive hydraulic systems. With HANSA‑FLEX filter technology you can be sure of having clean oil and trouble-free operation of your machines and systems. In the HANSA‑FLEX online shop, you can find filter elements and systems as well as other associated products such as oil analysis sets and particle counters for a highly effective Fluid management regime.

High-quality filters and filter elements

HANSA‑FLEX hydraulic filters reduce solid particle contamination in fluid circuits and protect sensitive components. With filters and filter systems from HANSA‑FLEX, you can be sure that your oil meets the required level of cleanliness and retains its optimum fluid properties.

  • Filters, filter elements and filter housings
  • Adsorber, pressure, return, suction and spin-on filters
  • Line filters, replaceable filters and suitable accessories

The perfect filter solution for all hydraulics applications

Suction filter used as a protective filter

  • Installation: submerged in the tank
  • Permissible operating temperature: -25 °C to 110 °C
  • Note: not suitable for depth filtration

Pressure filter used as a working or protective fi

Pressure filters are used with high system pressures. They protect the system and sensitive components such as proportional valves and servo valves from contaminants.

  • Compact design
  • Flow-optimised, durable filter housing
  • For low, medium and high pressures (up to 60, 320 and 450 bar)

Return flow filter used as a depth filter

Return flow filters are installed in the return line ahead of or on the hydraulic tank. They filter the oil before it returns to the tank and capture the dirt particles created in the system. This ensures that no contaminants from the system find their way into the tank and that they do not circulate within the system. Bypass valves are frequently integrated into hydraulic systems to protect them and the rest of the filters from excessive blockage pressures in the return flow line.

Spin-on filter used as a suction filter or return

Spin-on filters consist of a diecast aluminium filter head and a replaceable screw-on metal filter cartridge.

  • Easy replacement of the filter element
  • Compact design and simple construction
  • Excellent cost-benefit figures

It all comes down to correct design and dimensioning

Our experts know the importance of correct design and dimensioning for achieving the best filtration performance.

As fluid experts, we offer you a comprehensive range of filter elements such as suction, pressure, return and spin-on filters for use throughout your fluid systems. We also support you in designing and dimensioning your filters. We take into account the following important factors:

  • Volume flow and viscosity of the fluid
  • Desired oil cleanliness and amount of contamination
  • Required filter service life, size and type of system
  • Filtermedium

High-performance filtration

In addition to high-performance filters, the HANSA‑FLEX product portfolio lists more products for effective fluid care, such as filter systems, oil analysis sets, particle counters and oil binding agents.

Filter systems for cleaning fluids

Quality and cleanliness requirements for oil in hydraulic systems are continually rising. With HANSA‑FLEX filter systems, you benefit from an effective care regime for your hydraulic oil, which also contributes to fault-free operation of your hydraulic systems.

  • Partial flow filter systems for purchase or hire
  • Oil service equipment and accessories such as equipment carriers for transport
  • Mobile filling pumps for cleaning oil while filling tanks
  • Replaceable filter elements

Devices and instruments for oil analysis and sampling

Using sensors, rapid testing devices and oil analysis sets, you can implement a comprehensive fluid condition monitoring regime and perform other tests.

  • Oil analysis devices with suitable accessories
  • Particle sensors, particle counters, vacuum filtration devices
  • Oil analysis sets for mineral, bio- and gear oils
  • Fluid sampling sets and sample bottles in glass or plastic
  • Vacuum hand pump

Hydraulic fluids and oil binding agents

We can supply you with hydraulic and engine oils for automotive, industrial, construction uses, agriculture and forestry machines. Also available are highly absorbent oil binding agents to clean up surfaces where oil has dripped or escaped.

  • Transmission and hydraulic oil
  • Mineral oil-based engine oil
  • Hydraulic oil based on plant or mineral oils, and synthetic oil
  • Oil binding agents (granules, mats, natural fibres)
  • Oil stain removers

HANSA‑FLEX solutions for sustainable oil filtration

Our know-how on every aspect of fluid technology is reflected in our record of product development. Here are some details of two of these products for filtering fluids.

Oil care made easy with mobile filling pumps from HANSA‑FLEX

These CE-certificated filling pumps with two-stage filtration clean fresh or old oil while filling or emptying oil tanks. The high-performance motor allows a continuous duty cycle of up to 3 hours.

  • Volume flow 15 l/min, 230V AC motor with brand-name quality
  • Integrated oil containment tray and visual clogging indicator
  • Permissible operating temperature of -20 °C to +110 °C

Protect hydraulic systems from condensation water with adsorber filters

Adsorber filters are bolted onto the system and provide comprehensive protection in environments with high relative humidities, large temperature fluctuations or where biologically degradable oils are used.

  • Suitable for interior and exterior use, for tanks, drums and IBC containers
  • The silica gel changes colour to show the water saturation level of the filter
  • An integrated 3 µm filter element also contributes to clean oil

360° fluid management from the HANSA‑FLEX fluid specialists

Oil analysis gives the hydraulic system a thorough check-up

Our Fluid Service performs oil analyses directly on site or later in the laboratory. You receive a summarised report with suggestions for optimisation based on the results.

Oil cleaning extends service life and prevents wear

The fluid experts from HANSA‑FLEX perform professional oil cleaning to achieve the desired cleanliness level and install the necessary filter technology.

Continuously monitor oil condition with sensors

Keep an eye on your hydraulic fluids with oil condition sensors. Abnormalities are detected quickly and problems rectified in good time.