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Kitting optimises logistics and installation

As a system partner, HANSA‑FLEX provides ready-to-install kits containing components from third-party supplies as well as from HANSA‑FLEX. The production lines are guaranteed an uninterrupted supply of components. Our customers save time, increase throughput and reduce the failure quota.

Installation kits configured to suit the customer’s wishes

HANSA‑FLEX configures and supplies kits precisely customised to suit your requirements and wishes. The benefits for you are many and varied.

Considerably slimmer warehouse management

With the kitting service from HANSA‑FLEX, you save not only on expensive storage areas but also on time-consuming booking in and issuing of goods. The amount of tied-up capital is reduced to a minimum.

As a service partner, HANSA‑FLEX can make available all the necessary warehouse systems. The local branch delivers in accordance with the customer’s wishes either into the goods entry area of the manufacturing hall or directly to the production line by kanban delivery.

Much simplified materials management

Kitting also has benefits in consolidating the number of stock-keeping transactions. Instead of several individual items, only one article needs to be recorded and invoiced.

With HANSA‑FLEX as your experienced partner, you can be sure your kits are put together and delivered exactly as you require them. We also preassemble components while making up kits for you to make the final installation as quick and smooth as possible. If you wish, HANSA‑FLEX can also undertake the procurement of third-party components.

Precisely aligned logistics

HANSA‑FLEX strives to ensure that your kitted components are available precisely when you need them. You simply state the kit, the time and the place. HANSA‑FLEX puts together the whole kit, does any preassembly and organises delivery to the required manufacturing site on schedule. We agree the delivery intervals and discuss all the requirements with you in detail. The result is optimum delivery times guaranteed to maximise availability at the production line.

Good reasons to adopt kitting from HANSA‑FLEX

Hydraulic and pneumatic kits from HANSA‑FLEX including preassembled components offer attractive benefits for manufacturers.

  • Reduced warehousing costs

    With HANSA‑FLEX you can reduce your own warehousing costs.

  • Short supply routes

    HANSA‑FLEX has numerous branches and is therefore always close enough to ensure quick delivery.

  • Individualised advice

    You have a permanent contact on site who is familiar with the local circumstances.

  • Maximum flexibility

    With HANSA‑FLEX you receive tailor-made kits, even at short notice.

Comprehensive know-how from project conception to warehouse management

We work with our customers in a spirit of partnership and place the highest value on you receiving the best solution for your requirements. In face-to-face discussions on site, we work with you to determine your precise needs, explore suitable logistics concepts and test them in practice.

Every HANSA‑FLEX kit has a unique label. The label makes it clear at which step in the production the component set should be used. This simplifies in-house logistics for your employees and helps avoid mistakes in assembly.

The EDI interfaces provided by HANSA‑FLEX allow you to introduce kits quite simply into your warehouse management system. Contents, delivery time and place of use are automatically given. The inventory and deliveries become easier to manage, saving resources and costs.

HANSA‑FLEX helps you identify and make use of medium- and long-term optimisation potential within your logistics processes. In regular discussions with our experts, you can plan step-by-step how your logistics should develop in the future.

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