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CETOP valves for complex hydraulic controls

Even the most complex hydraulic controls can be incorporated using space-saving CETOP valves. With their standardised connection bores and plate mounting design, their great scope for combination with intermediate and collective line valve mounting plates, CETOP valves can be configured for a wide variety of switching functions in a relatively compact installation space.

Purchase plate mounting valves online from the fluid technology specialists

As your one-stop partner, HANSA‑FLEX not only has a large range of CETOP valves readily available, it also has experienced experts to give you comprehensive advice in the selection of suitable valve solutions.

CETOP directional control valves of various types

CETOP directional control valves shut-off or divert the fluid flow to the various consumers in the hydraulic circuit. These binary switching valves are either completely open or closed and have no intermediate setting. HANSA‑FLEX offers you a wide portfolio of CETOP directional control valves of different types:

  • Various switching arrangements: 4/2- and 4/3-way directional control valves
  • Electrically, hydraulically, pneumatically or manually actuated
  • Directly controlled or pilot controlled

CETOP proportional valves for infinite flow adjustment

CETOP proportional valves are continuously adjustable valves and allow the infinite control of flow. They can be placed in any intermediate setting between open and closed, making them ideal for the complex hydraulic switching functions and electronic controls frequently found in modern systems. In the HANSA‑FLEX online shop, you can find a number of proportional valves such as solenoid-operated directional control valves, pressure reducing and pressure relief valves.

CETOP plate mounting valves for stacked valve arrangements

Several CETOP plate mounting valves with various different switching functions, such as directional and pressure control valves, shut-off and flow valves, can be combined in a stacked arrangement. Complex switching functions in hydraulic systems can be implemented in this space-saving and compact way.

  • Ready-for-installation plate mounting valves with screwed-in valves
  • Large selection of various valve types
  • Plate mounting valves in sizes NG 6, NG 10, NG 16 and NG 25

Valves to the CETOP standard from HANSA‑FLEX

HANSA‑FLEX offers a large selection of standardised CETOP valves with various switching functions and components for space-saving installation of complex hydraulic controls in stacked valve arrangements, all from the same supplier.

  • First-class quality

    At HANSA‑FLEX, you can find high-quality products from well-known manufacturers based in Europe and the USA

  • Maximum availability

    At HANSA‑FLEX, you receive the whole range of CETOP valves directly from our warehouse

  • Custom solutions

    Advice, design and manufacture all under the same roof guarantees rapid implementation.

The CETOP valve programme at HANSA‑FLEX

HANSA‑FLEX has a large selection of CETOP valves with standardised connection hole patterns in accordance with ISO 4401 in four different nominal sizes (NG 6, NG 10, NG 16 and NG 25).

  • Shut-off, pressure, directional, changeover and proportional valves
  • Electrically, hydraulically, pneumatically or manually actuated
  • Connection base plates for up to 10 parallel valves
  • Base plates optionally supplied with pressure limiting valve
  • Reducer plates and cover plates
  • Ready-to-install stacked valve arrangements to suit individual requirements

Accessories for CETOP valves

Replacement solenoid coils

When the coil responsible for controlling a solenoid-operated valve stops working, it has to be replaced quickly. At HANSA‑FLEX, you receive DC and AC coils in the shortest time possible directly from our warehouse.

  • Nominal voltages 12, 24 and 230 V, special voltages on request
  • Designed for excellent switching performance
  • Electric plugs available as accessories

Seals for all areas of use

In addition to replaceable seals for CETOP valves, HANSA‑FLEX also offer seals in other materials for special applications, such as with particularly hot or aggressive media.

  • Standard replacement seal sets in nitrile rubber (NBR)
  • Temperature-resistant seals
  • Seals for chemicals such as acids, alkalis and solvents

Screws for quick and reliable installation

In our online shop, you can find a multitude of standardised hexagon socket screws and threaded rods for the assembly of stacked CETOP valve arrangements.

  • Standardised in accordance with DIN 912
  • Can be shortened for different installation heights
  • Available in numerous versions

HANSA‑FLEX has the right valve for you

Impressive product quality combined with a huge choice and first-class service make us the leading fluid technology specialists in Europe.

Standardised CETOP valves in various nominal sizes (NG)

HANSA‑FLEX directly supplies CETOP valves in nominal sizes NG 6, 10, 16 and 25. While we supply nominal size NG 6 valves for many applications requiring volume flows of up to 80 l/min, our range also contains NG 25 CETOP valves for controlling volume flows of up to 650 l/min, which are ideal for industrial applications with highly dynamic loadings such as occur on hydraulic presses. The two intermediate nominal sizes NG 10 and 16 complete the core part of the range with maximum flows of 140 l/min and 300 l/min respectively.

Robust design

All CETOP valves and intermediate plates from HANSA‑FLEX are manufactured from robust cast steel with a corrosion-resistant coating. For applications with aggressive media, we also offer variants in stainless steel. Valves specially designed for use in potentially explosive atmospheres in accordance with the ATEX Directive complete the product range.

  • Material: high-grade cast steel or stainless steel
  • Surface coating: burnished or phosphated
  • Available in colours of the customer’s choice on request

Diverse range of preassembled stacked valve arrangements

Stacking CETOP valves is a flexible way of combining a very wide range of control functions into a space-saving module. HANSA‑FLEX configures and assembles stacked valve arrangements with all the required components such as valves, base plates, intermediate, reducer and cover plates to suit your specific requirements.

  • Illustration of complex hydraulic switching arrangements
  • Ready-to-install stacked valve arrangements to suit your requirements
  • Supply of power units with stacked valve arrangements

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