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Determine your requirements simply and digitally by scanner

Yes, we scan! Scanner solutions from HANSA‑FLEX enable you to determine your goods requirement for fluid technology in the warehouse or on the production line more quickly and order conveniently using the app integrated into the scanner. HANSA‑FLEX can also provide suitable scanner solutions for making status enquiries and ordering hose lines directly at the place of use of the systems and machines.

The combination of scanner and apps can be used for data capture and ordering

The HANSA‑FLEX scanner solutions combine the appropriate scanner technology with the corresponding HANSA‑FLEX app. This saves time, is reliable and the product requirement is transmitted immediately to HANSA‑FLEX.

Capture the product requirement with the scanner and the HANSA‑FLEX Easy Order app

HANSA‑FLEX offers the Scan-to-Order app in combination with robust, high-quality Zebra scanners. These are about the size of a mobile telephone and are therefore extremely portable. The customer receives a preconfigured scanner with the Scan-to-Order app already installed. You do not have to concern yourself with other technical details. The scanners enable you to capture your product needs by scanning in the scannable code on the container or at the position of the desired product on the shelf. The app transmits your product needs directly to HANSA‑FLEX.

Optimum control of kanban delivery with scanners and the kanban app

With kanban, HANSA‑FLEX ensures goods availability in real-time directly to the location on your production floor where they are needed. This relies on the multi-container method. Each container or “bin” is marked with a scannable code indicating, among other things, the ID number and the physical number of articles in the container when full. When the first container becomes empty, the installers capture the code on the empty container with the hand scanner. The kanban app reports the corresponding need immediately to the HANSA‑FLEX system. The kanban shelf or container is then filled in sync with the actual consumption.

Determine the status of hose lines with the X-CODE Manager app

The X-CODE Manager app can be installed very simply on your mobile device. This synchronises automatically with the data on your web-based application of X-CODE Manager. You capture the individual X-CODE on one of your hose lines using the camera on your mobile device. After you have scanned the X-CODE, the app shows you the details of the specific hose line, such as installation date and the upcoming inspection dates. If necessary, you can order an inspection by HANSA‑FLEX or a replacement of the relevant hose line directly from the app. In order to be able to use the X-CODE Manager app, you need either the “Flexible” or “Expert” licence package.

Digitally capturing and ordering with HANSA‑FLEX scanner solutions

Determining your goods and services needs with scanner solutions is quick and easy. Direct data transfer avoids errors and reduces processing costs.

  • Mobile and quick

    You can take our scanners with you wherever you go and capture data in seconds.

  • Everything set out clearly

    Our apps give you a full overview of your requirements at any time.

  • Always correctly captured

    Scanners help you avoid data input and transfer errors.

  • Your usual material descriptions

    Display your warehouse goods containers with your own familiar material descriptions.

The steps to finding your HANSA‑FLEX scanner solution

As a system partner, HANSA‑FLEX offers scanner solutions as part of a consistent overall concept to ensure the efficiency of your merchandise management processes. Our experts support you from initial conception to the implementation of your customised scanner solution.

The HANSA‑FLEX specialist adviser determines with you on site your routine product requirement in the fields of hydraulics and pneumatics. Based on this information, we optimise your item list and work with you on a concept to improve your parts logistics and warehouse organisation.

We compose a list of the required articles and quantities and work on a proposal for optimally equipping your shelving system, containers, scanners and labels. Following this, you receive an offer and a proposed programme with dates for implementation.

You receive your individualised scanner solution from us and have no real need to concern yourself with anything else. We print the labels, order pick the goods and configure the scanners. We deliver your equipment where you need it and support you with its installation.

If you wish, we instruct your employees and ensure that all team members can work efficiently with the scanner solution. We also support you in the operation of the system, making fine adjustments to your scanner solution in response to changed requirements if you wish.

Additional digital services from HANSA‑FLEX

Hose management with X-CODE Manager

X-CODE Manager makes hose management simply more manageable because you have all the relevant information, such as inspection intervals, directly at your fingertips.

Order fluid technology products quickly and easily in the HANSA‑FLEX online shop

Explore the HANSA‑FLEX online shop with over 80,000 articles in the field of fluid technology and order the products you require with just a few mouse clicks.

Your digital hotline straight to HANSA‑FLEX

The digital interface with HANSA‑FLEX via EDI or BMEcat enables efficient and error-free procurement processing.