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Drive and control technology from HANSA‑FLEX

Hydraulic components fulfil the highest quality standards at HANSA‑FLEX, where quality management has DIN ISO 9001 certification. Availability is ensured by our warehouse, which stocks over 4,500 hydraulic components. We even have a special selection of components for the 700 bar range. Hydraulic systems are increasingly networked with electronic controls. Consequently, HANSA‑FLEX’s product portfolio also includes components from the fields of proportional valve technology, sensors and metrology.

Hydraulic components from the fluid specialists

HANSA‑FLEX offers a wide range of hydraulic components from well-known manufacturers and can produce its own special versions in-house for you.

Hydraulic pumps for all types of applications

The HANSA‑FLEX range of products includes gear, axial piston, radial piston and vane pumps for industrial and mobile hydraulics.

High-performance hydraulic motors

Take a look at our extensive portfolio of geroller and gerotor motors available as premium or cost-effective economy variants in our customary proven quality.

Sale, manufacture and overhaul of hydraulic cylinders

HANSA‑FLEX sells a wide range of single- and double-acting standard cylinders, manufactures hydraulic cylinders with strokes up to 8,000 mm and provides professional overhaul services.

Analogue and digital switches and sensors

HANSA‑FLEX is a one-stop partner supplying a large selection of durable pressure, temperature and level switches and sensors for hydraulic systems.

Cartridge, CETOP and pipeline installation valves

We offer you a large selection of directional, shut-off and pressure control valves, flow and proportional valves with various control types for pressures up to 350 bar.

Measuring technology and display instruments

Our online shop has a wide range of measuring technology products to determine and monitor pressure, temperature and volumetric flow in hydraulic systems.

High-pressure hydraulics up to 700 bar

HANSA‑FLEX has a special selection of components for the 700 bar operating range.

Hydraulic pressure accumulators

In addition to supplying diaphragm and bladder accumulators from well-known manufacturers and suitable accessories, we support you in your servicing, testing and inspection activities.

Development of customer-specific special solutions

We manufacture special solutions to meet your precise requirements. Our experts believe giving advice involves both talking and listening, followed by support for you in everything from design to manufacture.

  • Development of customer-specific special parts
  • Extensive advice and assistance in prototype building
  • Designed using 3D models
  • Preassembly of hose lines and pipelines
  • Series manufacture of components and component groups
  • Design and manufacture of hydraulic units

Our warehouses always stock around 4,500 products in proven HANSA‑FLEX quality

All drive and control technology components supplied by HANSA‑FLEX fulfil the highest quality standards, are readily available in full product ranges and delivered quickly.

  • Proven quality

    All hydraulic components supplied by HANSA‑FLEX come from well-known manufacturers.

  • Rapid availability

    You receive your products directly from the warehouse. Specially manufactured products are delivered as soon as possible.

  • Sound advice

    Advice from fluid experts on all questions about selection, design and maintenance.

  • Comprehensive services

    Our technicians help and assist you in the assembly, maintenance and optimisation of your systems

Other hydraulic unit components

Electric motors in industrial quality

HANSA‑FLEX supplies DC motors (12, 24 and 48 V) for compact power units with 0.5 to 3.0 kW output and AC / three-phase motors, in types B3/B14, B3/B5 and B5 and energy efficiency classes (IE2, IE3) with 0.54 to 63 kW output. Other variants with special voltages, higher outputs, frequency inverters and in other energy-efficiency classes are available on request.

Hydraulic tanks for efficient fluid storage

HANSA‑FLEX supplies tanks made from cast aluminium, welded or deep-drawn steel sheet with steel covers and seals. Our unit manufacturing centre can also manufacture other variants to suit your specific requirements.

  • Aluminium tanks: effective volume 3.0 l to 123 l
  • Steel tanks: effective volume 6.0 l to 375 l
  • Extensive range of accessories: fluid level indicators, sealed covers, filler filters and tank heaters

Heat exchangers for efficient temperature regulati

Heat exchangers keep fluids at the optimum temperature. We supply oil-air coolers directly from stock and variants such as coolers with hydraulically driven fans or plate heat exchangers on request.

  • Electric fan drive 230V / 400V
  • Cooling capacity 0.02 kW to 1.1 kW
  • Thermostats available as accessories

Hydraulic gear flow dividers with high division ac

Gear flow dividers allow motors and cylinders to be operated synchronously. The HANSA‑FLEX online shop has gear flow dividers optionally available with pressure limiting and phase correction valves.

  • In sizes 0 to 2
  • 2-way and 4-way versions
  • Flow per element 0.7 l/min to 25.9 l/min

Pump mounts, couplings and damping elements

As a system provider, we can also supply suitable components for connecting electric motors and pumps. We supply pump mounts and couplings in steel or aluminium for a wide range of applications. Pump mounts and couplings for gear pumps and axial piston pumps from our product list are supplied directly from stock, other versions for other pump types can be supplied on request. We always hold sprockets for couplings as replaceable parts in stock for you. Our online shop has a large selection of damping rails and rings available for low-vibration attachment of electric motors and pump mounts on hydraulic power units.

Services for your hydraulic systems from the fluid experts at HANSA‑FLEX

As a versatile and widely experienced system partner, we provide practical advice and support to our customers in all areas of hydraulics.

Design of hydraulic units and development of special solutions

Consultation with our experts is a two-way process in which we develop the perfect solution for your application with you and support you from design to production. Your advantages from solutions developed with HANSA‑FLEX:

  • Development of customer-specific special parts
  • Short-notice order call-offs
  • Extensive inspection and testing

Advice and assistance from experienced experts

The HANSA‑FLEX Industrial Service can advise and assist you with all the tasks required on your systems:

  • Installation and assembly
  • Servicing and maintenance
  • Optimising, updating and retrofitting

The always-there-for-you service

With around 200 service vehicles across Germany, our mobile Rapid Hydraulic Service is always there for you, available 24/7 and 365 days a year to minimise your stoppage times.

  • Mobile workshops on wheels, replacement part manufactured directly on site
  • Extensive range of replacement parts on board
  • Own independent power supply

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The perfect hose line for every application

HANSA‑FLEX manufactures high-quality hydraulic and industrial hose lines for the transport of fluids, chemicals, foodstuff, air, water and abrasive media.

Bent pipelines with various surface treatments

Gain from our many years of experience in bending, forming, swaging, narrowing and flanging steel, stainless steel, copper and aluminium pipelines.

Certified safety and reliability

Authorised personnel perform tests in-house or at your premises including documentation of the tests and results.