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Safe systems with expansion joints from HANSA‑FLEX

Expansion joints reliably accommodate changes in length and angle brought about by temperature differences, settlement of foundations or imprecise installation. They protect hose lines, machines and equipment from damage. Expansion joints also play a key role in damping vibrations from motors and turbines by preventing their transmission along exhaust pipes or compressed air lines.

Expansion joints from HANSA‑FLEX for all applications

Large range of types and materials

HANSA‑FLEX supplies round, square and special expansion joints of all types for clamp fastenings, with backing flanges or bellows. We can also make similar products for special applications using various materials from our large range.

  • Numerous materials such as silicone, PTFE, NBR and stainless steel
  • Large temperature range of -196 °C to +800 °C
  • For accommodating axial, transverse and angular expansion movements

Individually manufactured solutions for your application

Standard expansion joints are the exception rather than the rule. Elastomeric expansion joints are the only ones for which an official standard exists. However, HANSA‑FLEX normally supplies expansion joints specifically for each application. Our specialists calculate the parameters based on the anticipated movement and design the expansion joint accordingly.

  • Nominal diameters from DN 10 to DN 5,000 mm
  • Pressures up to 25 bar
  • Broad range of connections

Special applications and numerous approvals

Expansion joints from HANSA‑FLEX are the first choice for pipelines carrying cold or hot water, steam, petrol, oil, gases or chemical products. Special applications such as chemical equipment or fume extraction is another area where HANSA‑FLEX puts its wide experience and skill base to successful use. This is confirmed by numerous approvals.

  • Approvals for DVGW, DGRL, material/radiographic inspections, DNV
  • Manufacture of specially shaped components such as elbows and funnels
  • Advice from highly competent HANSA‑FLEX staff directly on site

Expansion joint types and how they work

An axial expansion joint accommodates movements along the length of a pipe. Because it cannot accommodate bending or twisting movements, it is very often used with welding ends and fixed or loose flanges in straight pipe runs.

Lateral movements result in transverse displacement of the connection surfaces of the pipeline. Lateral expansion joints are used, for example, to accommodate offsets between structures when pipelines have to be run through several parts of the building.

Angular expansion joints accommodate angular movements. This is generally done with a hinged joint that can move in only one plane. Accommodating angular movements in more than one plane requires more than one expansion joint. This type of arrangement can accommodate quite large movements.

Universal expansion joints can accommodate axial, lateral and angular movements. They are very versatile and can be used with large movement amplitudes, however, they are suitable only for low pressure systems because of their relative lack of strength.

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Pipelines for low-loss power transfer

HANSA‑FLEX manufactures pipelines as made-to-measure one-off or batch production items, which, because pressure fluids are highly incompressible, allow low-loss transmission of power.

HANSA‑FLEX masters the bends

Bent pipes are indispensable in fluid technology. HANSA‑FLEX manufactures precision bent pipes with all commonly available connection types in its own pipe bending centre.

Safe and correct design of expansion joints

The integration of expansion joints into plant or equipment must comply with numerous safety-relevant requirements. HANSA‑FLEX provides the know-how to ensure compliance.