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Compact and cost-effective pipeline installation valves from HANSA‑FLEX

Pipeline installation valves are fitted directly into hydraulic system pipelines and perform basic functions such as limiting pressure or controlling flow. The compact valves come without additional housings or base plates. HANSA‑FLEX has a wide portfolio of standardised hydraulic valves manufactured from high-grade materials with various coatings for pipeline installation for pressure ranges up to 350 bar.

Products and services for valve technology

Comprehensive support from design to production

Our knowledgeable and experienced fluid technology specialists are delighted to assist and advise you in the selection of the most suitable pipeline installation valve for the required functions and for the intended field of use. We have valves suitable for use with ester-based fluids or water-glycol mixtures not complying with the requirements for hydraulic mineral oils in DIN 51524. In addition to the extensive HANSA‑FLEX standard product programme, we can work in close cooperation with our partners to produce customer-specific component groups for any requirements.

The right accessories for your pipeline installation valves

The HANSA‑FLEX online shop contains suitable accessories for our pipeline installation valves. They have been designed to enable quick installation and safe operation.

  • Electrical plugs and solenoid coils
  • Adjusting screws, seal, bolt and screw sets
  • Actuators and nuts such as counter nuts in steel

For basic control functions in hydraulic systems

Pipeline installation valves are easy to install, inexpensive and simple to adjust, which makes them suitable for many types of control circuits and applications.

  • Compact design

    Pipeline installation valves are known for their compact size and low weight.

  • Easy to install

    Their simple design makes pipeline installation valves easy to install.

  • Efficient solution

    Perfect for controlling small and large flows in hydraulic circuits.

  • High-quality products

    The high quality of these valves ensures they operate reliably for the whole of their service life

Purchase pipeline installation valves from HANSA‑FLEX online

Our online shop offers a large selection of various pipeline installation valves, including flow and shock valves and suitable accessories.

  • Surface coating: burnished, phosphated, painted
  • Materials: cast-iron, internal parts steel or aluminium
  • Valves meeting all current standards
  • Switching functions: electrical, hydraulic

HANSA‑FLEX pipeline installation valves for all applications

Valves for shutting off the flow

Pipeline installation valves with shut-off functions are designed as seat valves with cones or balls. They reliably shut off the flow using an internal spring.

  • Non-return valves
  • Single and double pilot-operated non-return valves
  • Shock valves
  • Shuttle valves

Valves for regulating system pressure

Pressure control valves of various types regulate or limit the pressure in the main or subsystems of a hydraulic system. They can also be used to perform signal pressure-dependent switching processes.

  • Pressure relief and pressure sequence valves
  • Load holding valves
  • Flow control valves
  • Throttle valves and throttle non-return valves

Valves to control volumetric flow

Directional control valves are electrically, pneumatically or hydraulically controlled and direct the flow in specific directions. The valve ports connect to or disconnect from actuators and control their movements.

  • 3/2-way solenoid-operated directional control valve (diverter valve)
  • 6/2-way solenoid-operated directional control valve (diverter valve)
  • Monoblock hand-operated directional control valves (up to 7 sections)

Manual control of the flow

In contrast to solenoid-operated directional control valves, flow control using flow deflect or similar types of changeover valves is done without external controls. The valve is actuated mechanically by a hand lever.

  • 3/3-way changeover valve
  • 4/3-way changeover valve
  • 6/3-way changeover valve
  • 8/3-way changeover valve

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Compact cartridge valves for tight installation spaces

Being directly installed into the valve block, a cartridge valve is a space-saving means of implementing complex controls without additional valve housings.

Implement a diverse range of valve functions with CETOP valves

With their standardised plate mounting design, CETOP valves can be combined in all sorts of ways to implement a wide range of functions.

More efficiency for your systems and machines

HANSA‑FLEX Industrial Service helps you optimise your valve technology so that your existing systems and machines work more efficiently.