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Mining and tunnelling

The extremely demanding operating conditions on large construction sites on and below ground put a strain on machines and attachments. With the mobile workshop containers from HANSA‑FLEX, the right spare part is always with you. The portfolio, which has been adapted to the requirements of mining, covers everything from high-pressure hydraulics to water technology. Find out more about how HANSA‑FLEX saves mining and opencast mining customers a mountain of work.

Drilling instead of digging

When pipelines need to be laid under roads, rivers and railway tracks quickly, cost-effectively and in an environmentally friendly manner, horizontal drilling rigs are the answer. HANSA-FLEX supplies the components for these boreholes.

Underground activity

We are 60 metres below ground in the Wismut adit, a project by Wismut GmbH. This company is responsible for making former mining areas reusable and restoring a healthy environment for people and nature.

Gearing up for an underground attack

Today’s mobile society is forced to invest in modern transportation projects if it is to cope with the ever-increasing levels of freight traffic crossing. One of these projects is the Gotthard Base Tunnel, the longest tunnel in the world at 57 kilometres.