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The optimum hydraulic power unit for your system

Hydraulic power units are the driving force at the heart of many hydraulic systems. Their components include a motor to provide the energy, a fluid reservoir, pumps and valves. HANSA‑FLEX develops individual solutions perfectly made-to-measure for the requirements of our customers, manufacturing units as one-off items or in series production. We advise you extensively on unit sizing and component selection and provide servicing support.

Manufacture of hydraulic power units for all usage scenarios

With hydraulic power units from HANSA‑FLEX, everything from the first outline to the finished product comes from a single source.

High-quality power units manufactured one-off or in series production

Drawing on decades of experience, HANSA‑FLEX develops highly capable hydraulic power units perfectly designed for the various requirements of the customer. Numerous certifications allow the manufacture of special power units for specific applications such as water engineering or for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, for example in accordance with ATEX. If required, we manufacture hydraulic power units in great volumes for you, for example as series produced machines. High process reliability guarantees the highest quality right down to the detail. We also prepare a risk assessment and clearly set out documentation for each of our power units in accordance with the EU Machinery Directive.

Specific advice and project planning from experts

Every hydraulic system has its own specific requirements. What power rating should it have? How many consumers have to be driven? The more precisely the power unit is matched to these requirements, the more energy-saving and efficient it will be in everyday use. Our experts analyse your requirements and advise you on the performance and size of the power unit. Then we design the drive unit and create 3D models, construction drawings and circuit diagrams. The design is based on the use of high-quality hydraulic components from a full range of manufacturers so that we achieve the optimum result for your system.

Installation and other services from experts

Our installation technicians professionally install and check the functions of the completed hydraulic power unit and, if required, assist you in bringing it into first use on site. Our service technicians are available to perform regular servicing at the specified intervals. They are also there in the event of malfunctions or system breakdowns and can repair power units, component groups or complete systems. The close-meshed network of HANSA‑FLEX branches and the excellent availability of parts from our two modern central warehouses mean we can be on site quickly to ensure any standstills are short.

Working principles of hydraulic power units

Hydraulic power units are a combination of several components designed to keep hydraulic oil on the move.

A hydraulic power unit provides the drive for hydraulic consumers such as cylinders, motors and the like. It consists of components such as a hydraulic oil reservoir, an electric or pneumatic motor or an internal combustion engine, hydraulic pumps and valves. The pumps are driven by the motor to maintain the flow of oil. This flow of oil is directed to consumers (actuators) by control components (directional control valves) and is responsible for their movements. The higher the pressure, the higher the force produced by the consumer. The higher the rate of flow, the faster the consumer moves.

Advantages of HANSA‑FLEX hydraulic power units

Benefit from our extensive product portfolio of hydraulic pumps, high availability and first-class advice from experience experts.

  • All from the same source

    From advice to servicing, with HANSA‑FLEX everything comes from the same source.

  • Individually made to the customer’s wishes

    Advice, manufacturing to specific requirements and implementation to fulfil the customer’s special requests.

  • Manufacturer-neutral choice

    Access to a wide range and procurement of the optimum components for your solution.

  • One-off and series production

    Manufacture of power units in all volumes from one-off items to large volume series production.

Hydraulic power units made-to-measure

HANSA‑FLEX does not only supply hydraulic power units. The comprehensive technical knowledge of our specialists flows into the development of each new solution. The advice of experts makes the difference in these situations.

Hydraulic power units find use in any number of industries, such as mechanical engineering, plant engineering, water engineering, agriculture, environmental and industrial engineering. If necessary, we design power units for use in potentially explosive atmospheres in accordance with ATEX or international Ex-protection regulations.

We design our hydraulic power units precisely to meet your requirements. For example, the installation dimensions can be made to suit your requirements and the components painted in the colour of your choice. We also customise steel components, such as support brackets and housings.

We use the latest electronics in the control elements of our units. We undertake all the electronics work. We design the controls, draw up the circuit diagrams, construct the control cabinets and program your PLC.

Outdated systems often work inefficiently and result in unnecessarily high energy consumption. We analyse your power units, suggest specific options for upgrading and bring your electronic controls up to modern standards.

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