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HANSA‑FLEX pipelines for liquid and gaseous media

The HANSA‑FLEX range of pipeline products includes expansion joints, bent pipes and special fittings for liquids, gases and coolant water. HANSA‑FLEX’s state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies ensure absolute precision, the highest quality and rapid production to meet the customer’s specifications exactly. HANSA‑FLEX sets new standards in connection technology with its own innovative pipe-forming system HF-Form, which is soon to become available.

Your specialist for everything to do with pipelines

HANSA‑FLEX offers customers all they need to equip their machines and systems with safe, high-quality pipelines.

Bent pipes precisely manufactured to the customer’s requirements

HANSA‑FLEX has decades of experience in bending precision pipes made from steel, stainless steel, copper and other materials. Lengths of up to 6,000 mm and diameters from 4.00 to 101.60 mm can be cut to a manufacturing accuracy of 0.3 mm on the total length.

Customised pipe-end processing and special fittings

HANSA‑FLEX offers customised connection options for every pipe connection. All types of forming processes, such as swaging or rolling, in addition to cutting ring, threaded and flange fittings are used. Special fittings to suit the customer’s individual requirements complete the portfolio.

Protect systems with HANSA‑FLEX expansion joints

HANSA‑FLEX expansion joints in silicone, PTFE, NBR or stainless steel protect machines and equipment against damage from shocks, expansion and vibration. Customised versions are available for temperature ranges of -196 °C to +800 °C and nominal diameters of DN 10 mm to DN 5,000 mm.

Good reasons for using pipelines from HANSA‑FLEX

These points set apart HANSA‑FLEX from the rest as a specialist in high quality pipelines.

  • Highest quality standards

    Pipeline components to meet the customer’s requirements, manufactured precisely and in accordance with the standards.

  • Leading technologies

    HANSA‑FLEX manufactures products using high-end machines and develops its own innovative solutions.

  • System solutions all from the same source

    One contact partner for everything and all components are designed to work together perfectly.

  • Decades of experience

    Advice and manufacture by experienced experts with know-how extending across many industries.

The latest technologies and sound specialist knowledge

Contactless geometry capture and direct data transfer

One of the pieces of equipment HANSA‑FLEX uses for design and checking is a measuring arm. Contactless scanning captures geometries using laser or infrared technology. The 3D models created from the results are compared with the customer’s 3D data and used for additional design. Direct communication with commonly available CAD software allows data to be quickly processed. In-house software solutions allow feasibility checks to be quickly performed. The data can also be directly transferred to CAD applications via interfaces.

Always state-of-the-art

High performance in tight installation spaces, made-to-measure one-off items, rapid delivery times and complete traceability are increasingly expected of pipelines and their providers. HANSA‑FLEX spares no effort in enabling equipment suppliers to meet the increasing demands of their markets.

For example, we are continually adding further machines to our production facilities, improving data networking and extending our warehouses and manufacturing centres to guarantee maximum flexibility and availability.

Technical support

HANSA‑FLEX is always available to provide technical advice and support in the design of pipelines. The company’s years of experience and expert knowledge across many industries benefit customers greatly during the initial sample design, prototype building or when planning new projects.

Further pipeline products and services

Pipe clamps for quick and easy line assembly

A large selection of products for securing pipe and hose lines during installation and for permanent attachment is available in the HANSA‑FLEX online shop. Light and heavy series pipe clamps Modular SRS clamps from HANSA‑FLEX Steel pipe clamps and double pipe clamps

Preassembly of combined hose-pipelines

In addition to pipe and hose lines, HANSA‑FLEX also manufactures combined hose-lines for a wide range of applications in fluid technology. Customers can also obtain comprehensive advice on these products from experienced specialists. Moreover, our HANSA‑FLEX experts are a source of valuable tips on correct design and professional installation. The range of services covers:

  • Installation of flexible line geometries
  • Advice for planning of hydraulic systems and machines
  • High-quality processing using certified welding procedures

Highest quality all along the line

Series production at HANSA‑FLEX is the embodiment of the highest precision, experienced operatives, reliable quality testing and a perfect all-round service from production to dispatch. The customer-specific preassembled pipe and hose lines are manufactured in a high process reliability production environment. HANSA‑FLEX’s state-of-the-art production methods ensures rapid availability and maximum compliance with delivery schedules.

Customised component groups

HANSA‑FLEX preassembles pipes into component groups to meet the customer’s specific requirements and delivers them ready for installation. The component groups can be, for example, diverse combinations of straight, bent or branched pipes or involve the preinstallation of connections, expansion joints or hose lines. This saves the customer assembly time and storage space for the individual components. The experts at the HANSA‑FLEX branch dealing with the project are always available for specialist advice.

At home in many industries

HANSA‑FLEX has comprehensive knowledge of many areas of industry, which we use to secure real competitive advantages for our customers.

  • Wind energy
  • Electronics
  • Railway engineering
  • Construction plant
  • Agricultural technology
  • Stationary hydraulics

More products from HANSA‑FLEX

Safely connect hydraulic components with pipe fittings

Pipe fittings rely on a tight positive fit to create a safe connection, even when subjected to high working pressures, pressure peaks and vibrations.

Flanges for high-pressure applications

HANSA‑FLEX flange fittings are ideal for leak-free connections on systems involving large diameters, high pressures and restricted installation situations.

High-quality hoses for numerous fields of use

The perfect choice for moving connections in fluid technology or for the transport of chemicals, foodstuff, air, water and abrasive media.