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Mann arbeitet an hydraulischer Anlage mit Schlauchleitungen und Druckspeichern

High-quality products for hydraulics and pneumatics from HANSA‑FLEX

HANSA‑FLEX is a leading fluid specialist able to supply a unique range of hydraulic and pneumatic components worldwide: from crimp nipples to industrial hoses and cylinders, either manufactured in-house or by renowned manufacturers. As well as our extensive portfolio of standard products, HANSA‑FLEX supplies customised solutions made-to-measure for your requirements, developed and manufactured by our experienced fluid and hydraulics experts.

Appreciate the diversity of the HANSA‑FLEX product range

We supply products reliably and on time, even to the remotest regions of the world.

Orangener Schlauch liegt auf Tisch mit Pressnippeln und Huelsen

The perfect hose line for every application

HANSA‑FLEX preassembles high-quality hydraulic hose lines for low, medium and high pressures, covering all applications in mobile and stationary hydraulics. The HANSA‑FLEX product portfolio also includes industrial and preformed hoses for the transport of fluids, chemicals, food, air, water and abrasive media.

Pipelines made-to-measure

HANSA‑FLEX manufactures bent pipelines in various materials, such as steel, stainless steel, copper or aluminium, and with different surface treatments.

Hydraulic threaded connection technology in HANSA‑FLEX quality

HANSA‑FLEX offers an extensive range of robust and durable hydraulic connection elements such as adapters, fittings and connectors.

Digital and analogue drive and control technology

We stock hydraulic products for the 700 bar range and components for use with proportional valve, sensor and measuring technology.

Reliable sealing technology

HANSA‑FLEX manufactures seals to individual customer requirements up to a diameter of 2,500 mm as one-off or series production items.

Zaehler an einer pneumatischen Anlage

Compressed air components and pneumatic tools

The HANSA‑FLEX coordinated range of compressed air products comprises over 18,000 high-quality components such as cylinders, associated tools and accessories.

High-quality filters and filter elements

HANSA‑FLEX filter technology ensures the oil in your system is clean and retains its optimum fluid properties. Furthermore, your machines and systems will operate smoothly and without problems. The HANSA‑FLEX online shop sells filter elements, filter systems and other products for efficient fluid management alongside oil analysis sets and particle counters.

All you require in the fields of hydraulics and pneumatics

Select from more than 80,000 articles and always find the right product for your needs. We stock everything from A-Z.

  • Worldwide leader

    HANSA‑FLEX is the system provider for fluid technology products and services.

  • Diverse portfolio

    We offer a comprehensive product range, with everything available online as well.

  • Highest quality

    All products are subject to comprehensive testing within the HANSA‑FLEX quality assurance system.

Development of customer-specific special solutions

We manufacture special solutions to meet your precise requirements. Our experts believe giving advice involves both talking and listening, followed by support for you in everything from design to manufacture.

  • Development of customer-specific special parts
  • Extensive advice and assistance in prototype building
  • Designed using 3D models
  • Preassembly of customised hose lines and pipelines
  • Series manufacture of components and component groups
  • Design and manufacture of hydraulic units

Everything is possible!

“At HANSA‑FLEX we say: ‘Everything is possible!’ With us no customer leaves a branch without a solution for their intended application. This could be a product or the telephone number of the right person to help them. This readiness to help forms the basis for high customer satisfaction and inspires our employees every day.”

Jens Bruhn

Central Sales Coordination at HANSA‑FLEX

Product developments made by HANSA‑FLEX

As a system partner we not only supply our customers with products from renowned manufacturers, we also develop first-class fluid technology components ourselves.

Protect hydraulic systems from condensation water with adsorber filters

Adsorber filters are screwed onto the equipment and provide comprehensive protection in environments with high relative humidities, large temperature fluctuations or where biologically degradable oils are used.

  • Suitable for interior and exterior use, for tanks, drums and IBC containers
  • The silica gel changes colour to show the water saturation level of the filter
  • An integrated 3 µm filter element also contributes to clean oil

Change hose lines in seconds with SSKV couplings

Push-in shell clamp connectors for hydraulic hoses combine the advantages of couplings and conventional fittings to reduce the amount of labour and time involved when switching hose lines.

  • Additionally fixed in place by a hand-operated knurled screw
  • Secured against unintentional release under pressure
  • No-tool assembly makes them ideal for tight installation spaces

Visit the HANSA‑FLEX online shop today!

  • The full HANSA‑FLEX product range with more than 80,000 articles
  • Category-specific filter parameters enable quick navigation
  • Current availability shown in real-time for better planning certainty

Ingenious solutions for efficient operational processes

Digital services for straightforward product ident

Make the most of faster and more error-free data transfer using state-of-the-art scanner technology or EDI interfaces within a user-friendly application environment.

System and individual solutions for optimised logi

We schedule our deliveries to suit the customer’s logistics and production processes and offer various solutions for material procurement and supply.

  • Kanban storage systems
  • Kitting of component sets
  • Works-in-works manufacturing

Application-focused training from fluid experts

In cooperation with the International Hydraulics Academy (IHA), HANSA‑FLEX offers seminars on fluid and pipeline technology. This training can also be held as an in-house event on request.

  • Basic and advanced training
  • Delivered by experienced specialists
  • Theory and practical training combined

Services from the fluid experts HANSA‑FLEX

Advice and assistance from experienced experts

HANSA‑FLEX Industrial Service supports you in all your hydraulics-related tasks, including installation, servicing, optimisation and renovation of your machines and systems.

The “always-there-for-you” service

With around 200 service vehicles across Germany, our mobile Rapid Hydraulic Service is always there for you, available 24/7 and 365 days a year to minimise your stoppage times.

Prevent 70 % of all system failures with fluid management

Leave your oil care in the hands of the HANSA‑FLEX fluid specialists. We perform fluid cleaning, oil analysis and other services for you.