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The mobile workshop: Hydraulic Service Container 

Whether it is a stormy off-shore drilling rig, icy building site in the mountains, red-hot desert region, a major project or on-site services provided by HANSA‑FLEX’s Industrial Service: a Hydraulic Service Container is a fully fitted hydraulics workshop and can offer you maximum hydraulic hose line availability anywhere in the world, greatly reducing time and money lost due to standstills. 

Customised hose lines made wherever you like

HANSA‑FLEX Hydraulic Service Containers: flexible, fully equipped, can be used anywhere 

Fully equipped 

Hydraulic Service Containers are perfectly prepared for their specific use on your premises: they are equipped with hose cutting, peeling and embossing machines, nipple insertion device, hose reels, a compressor, hose cleaning system and, on request, a high-pressure test bench. They also have enough space to store hose materials and components. In these containers, technicians assemble customised hydraulic hose lines in accordance with DIN/EN/ISO standards and mark them in accordance with DIN/EN/ISO 4403. Whether you want individualised container insulation, air-conditioning, a double container or higher performance machines: we can offer customer-specific solutions for all fields of use.

Training and advice included 

The services from HANSA‑FLEX are not limited to setting up the hydraulic containers: on request, our hydraulics experts also hold more intensive training sessions directly on site. In these sessions, employees obtain all the necessary knowledge and skills to preassemble hoses and components in accordance with the applicable standards. Successful completion of their training is confirmed with a certificate. Support from the Hydraulic Service Container service continues for the duration of the project: technicians from the nearest HANSA‑FLEX branch are available to you and your employees to answer any questions or perform any task.

Reliable material supply 

Every Hydraulic Service Container is initially equipped as standard with an extensive range of equipment for preassembling hose lines. To this we add other products specifically selected for the intended purpose, so that your Hydraulic Service Container is customised to your wishes and needs. All components are stored in an easy to manage drawer system. Specific components are always in the same place in their containers. Your employees can always be sure of finding things quickly. To ensure the required materials are readily available for you at any time, we can provide an optimum refilling service and the required components.

These are your advantages

With the Hydraulic Service Containers, you can manufacture all the required hose lines for your project whenever you like. Equipped with the latest machines and high-quality components, Hydraulic Service Containers mean you can expect maximum process reliability and minimum standstill times. 

  • Reduction of machine downtimes
  • Maximum availability of hose lines all round the clock and anywhere in the world
  • Comprehensive support from experienced hydraulics experts
  • Organisation of the delivery and pick-up of the container
  • Uniform system with customised fit out of machines, equipment and material
  • Can also be used as a stationary resource for major projects in industrial plants

Service features – an overview 

What our Hydraulic Service Containers can offer you 

Comprehensive service

Hydraulic Service Containers offer more: extra services from HANSA‑FLEX round off everything the Hydraulic Service Containers provide and can be flexibly fine-tuned to the requirements of the customer and the project. 

  • Design, fitting out, stocking and delivery of the container 
  • On-site training of maintenance personnel 
  • Extended technical support for the ongoing operations 
  • Refilling and 24 hour emergency service 

Up to date

Hydraulic Service Containers are fitted out with the latest machines and equipment. The perfect conditions for quickly and efficiently producing hose lines in accordance with EN/ISO/DIN standards.

  • Latest machines and equipment 
  • Acceptance inspection by certified experts after installation 
  • Safe and reliable operation guaranteed 
  • Individualised fitting out on request 

Maximum flexibility

Hydraulic Service Containers are available in floor areas of 15 m², 30 m², 45 m² and 60 m². Their modular construction allows them to be flexibly laid out for every proposed use. 

  • Different sizes, available as single or double containers 
  • Safe and reliable operation guaranteed 
  • Individualised fitting out on request 
  • Machine packages can be integrated into your workshop 

Optimally stocked

The drawer system and the intuitive descriptions avoid unnecessary searching. Brackets for storing hose reels and components complement ample set down areas and working surfaces. 

  • Uniform system for storing components 
  • Component storage organised in drawers and racks 
  • Adequate set down areas and working surfaces 
  • Machines available for stationary workshops

Convenient availability

Hydraulic Service Containers can be hired or purchased for projects. A local HANSA‑FLEX branch can manage both options.  

  • In some countries only one of the options is available 
  • Germany: Hire  
  • EU: Hire  
  • International: Purchase 

Under harsh conditions or as a stationary workshop

 Hydraulic Service Containers from HANSA‑FLEX are versatile in use and are at home anywhere in the world 

  • Building and civil engineering
  • Tunnelling
  • Opencast, deep mining and quarries
  • Wind energy
  • Off-shore facilities
  • Demolition companies
  • Recycling facilities
  • Industrial plants and factories
  • Machine and plant engineering
  • Construction machine manufacturers and dealers
  • Repair shops
  • Vehicle fleet servicing
  • Installation service providers
  • Industrial service

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