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The HYDRAULIKPRESSE is now available as an online magazine for you. We are pleased to present issue #203 in September 2023.

Stadler: Successful air-conditioning of the Berlin S-Bahn

Find out how Stadler Deutschland GmbH has successfully mastered projects such as the air-conditioning of the Berlin S-Bahn together with HANSA‑FLEX. In this report on the production of the first air-conditioned S-Bahn trains for the Berlin/Brandenburg region, you will gain insights into the long-standing system partnership.

Into the digital future: CFO Florian Wiedemeyer in interview

The digital transformation at HANSA‑FLEX is progressing steadily. CFO Florian Wiedemeyer reports in an interview on the most important progress and challenges, as well as the benefits for employees and customers. The article "More time, more transparency and new functions" describes HANSA‑FLEX's path to the digital future and shows what has already changed since the first strategic considerations in 2022.

Technical know-how in hydraulics

Dangers during hydraulic maintenance

Are machines that are switched off always depressurised?

Inspection of technical materials

Why are test protocols so important?

Damage detection in fluid technology

Do you know the 10 golden rules of oil care?

Simply configure hose assemblies now!

Get to know our new configurator for hydraulic hoses!

  • Configure over 90 hoses and 600 fittings with twist angle.
  • Use mobile and order online
  • Pick up at your nearest branch in 60 minutes via Click & Collect

Did you recognise it?

Our cover picture includes an interesting close-up of the manufacturing process of a particular product. Did you know which one? The solution is here ...

Here you can see the production of an elastomer seal. The HANSA‑FLEX Sealing Technology Production Division manufactures hydraulic and pneumatic seals with diameters of 5 to 700 mm.


The seals are produced in one of the two CNC production centres. More than 100 gasket profiles are stored in the software of the CNC machines, with which individual gaskets can be produced - as single pieces and in small series.


In this video you will find further information on the production area of sealing technology.


All articles in this issue

Save costs and resources with adsorber filters

HANSA-FLEX adsorber filters make a major contribution to increasing the efficiency of your hydraulic machines and systems. In this article we explain their most important advantages and functions.

The right way to assemble cutting ring connections

Faulty assembly can lead to leaks and breakdowns! The following points should always be observed when you create cutting ring connections.

Donations instead of gifts: online voting starts

Once again this year, HANSA-FLEX has decided not to send Christmas presents to customers and is instead donating to a good cause

A donation of 7,500 euros to Trauerland e. V.

The HANSA-FLEX Foundation supports professional grief counseling for children and young people so that they can draw new strength and confidence.

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The ERO-Grapeliner 7000 grape harvester

The ERO-Grapeliner 7000 grape harvester is a marvel of hydraulic technology that helps winegrowers produce high-quality wines economically.

The inspection of hydraulic hose lines

Can this be performed by just anyone?

The online shop creates more time for face-to-face customer consultancy

In this interview with Christian van der Veen, Head of our Branch Management, you can find out why the HANSA-FLEX online shop is strategically important for the future of the company.

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Typical Croatia

Since its establishment the HANSA-FLEX subsidiary in Croatia has continued to develop successfully, and has now moved into its new HQ

What does Frederick Freitag do?

What are the tasks of a service technician and operations manager at HANSA-FLEX? Frederick Freitag reveals in an interview.

Energy efficiency in stationary hydraulic systems

Reduction of operating costs through retrofitting

More time, more transparency and new functions

Digitalisation is driving a great deal of change at HANSA-FLEX. In this interview, CFO Florian Wiedemeyer outlines the most important points.

First air-conditioned S-Bahn trains in Berlin

HANSA-FLEX is a partner of Stadler Deutschland GmbH in the integration of air-conditioning lines in the first air-conditioned S-Bahn trains for the Berlin/Brandenburg region.