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Training at HANSA-FLEX – the first 60 days

At HANSA-FLEX, Warehouse Logistics Specialist and the two-year variant Warehouse Specialist are the most common training courses, with just under 50% of our trainees learning this profession.

In the following, we asked Fabian Brück (21), Lilly Herrmann (21), Sascha Loferski (28) as warehouse logistics specialists and Niklas Post (19) as a prospective warehouse clerk about their experiences during the first 60 days.

How did you come to work at HANSA‑FLEX?

Fabian: I already knew HANSA‑FLEX through my stepfather and did my first work placement with him at the branch when I was 16. After a brief interlude with the German Armed Forces, I started working as a workshop helper at HANSA‑FLEX in 2020 and finally began my apprenticeship in 2022 at the suggestion of the branch management. 

Niklas: As I have a disability, it is very difficult to get a job. That's why I initially spent a year in vocational preparation training at the Berufsbildungswerk. But I didn't feel that this would help me, so I wrote to all the companies in Husum. Except for HANSA‑FLEX and one other company, I only got rejections. In the end, I chose HANSA‑FLEX because I also work in agriculture on the side and therefore already had some contact with hydraulics. 

Lilly: My father is a mechanic, so there was always a HANSA‑FLEX catalogue on the table. I was interested in it, so I looked at the website and decided to do an apprenticeship at HANSA‑FLEX after my A-levels. I even moved from Zittau to Dresden especially for that. 

Sascha: I was in the Bundeswehr for eight years. Unfortunately, this meant that I could only have a long-distance relationship with my wife, so I started looking for a new job for her sake. I wrote many speculative applications and the best response came from HANSA‑FLEX.

Sascha Loferski is 28 years old and is training to become a warehouse logistics specialist at HANSA‑FLEX. His goal is to continue his training as a hydraulics specialist.

What has excited you the most so far?

Lilly: What surprised me positively was how diverse the tasks are. It's really interesting that we also get to know the products from the ground up and don't just do pure logistics. It's a good mix of hands-on and office work, which is exactly what I enjoy.  

Fabian: What I enjoyed most were the seminars that HANSA‑FLEX offers at the training branch, among other places. You learn a lot in a relaxed atmosphere. 

Sascha: Yes, the seminars are really great. But the customer contact is also a lot of fun and the trust that is placed in you.
The hose construction itself is the most fun for me. I knew that there were hydraulics on the tractor, but I had never really studied them. I find it very exciting to learn how it all works. 

Lilly Herrmann (21) was most surprised by the variety of tasks in her training as a warehouse logistics specialist. She particularly likes the mixture of practice and theory.

Were you well received into the team right from the start?

Niklas: Definitely. I find the overall working atmosphere very good. Especially that I can chat with my colleagues in Low German, that's nice.
Yes, I was already very well received during my trial work. It's very important for me to get on well with my colleagues, and that's definitely the case at HANSA‑FLEX. Everyone is very helpful and friendly. It's a pleasure to go to work. But criticism is also communicated clearly and constructively, which is also very important, especially when you're still learning.

Sascha: Everyone at HANSA‑FLEX is very open, no one is toxic, you are accepted as you are and also encouraged. It's also the perfect mix in terms of work: working properly and safely is the top priority, but fun is not neglected either. So far, I haven't had a single working day where I haven't laughed.

Fabian: I can confirm that. Even when there is a lot of time pressure, the sense of humour is not lost. And you can even express criticism as a trainee. If it's well-founded, it's gladly accepted, no matter from whom to whom. Because at the end of the day, everyone just wants to deliver the highest possible quality.

Niklas Post (19) was well received into the HANSA‑FLEX team right from the start when he began his training as a warehouse specialist. He particularly appreciates the fact that he can chat with his colleagues in Low German (Plattdeutsch).

What are your further goals?

Sascha: My goal is to become a hydraulics specialist. That's why I'm trying to gather the necessary know-how in the first three years.
First of all, I want to complete my training. The plan for afterwards is to manage the "warehouse" department at some point. 

Niklas: First of all, successfully complete the training. Then we'll see what happens.

Lilly: I'd like to stay at HANSA‑FLEX and develop within the company, become a master craftsman or manager. 

Fabian Brück (21) decided to train as a warehouse logistics specialist at HANSA‑FLEX after completing an internship at school and working as a workshop helper.

What do you recommend to other and future trainees?

Fabian: Be open, curious, ask questions and don't be afraid to give and receive criticism. 

Sascha: Always be open and honest with your colleagues, and above all, have fun during your training. 

Niklas: I would say, dare to do something, don't be afraid of new tasks. 

Lilly: Be attentive, take all the knowledge you can and always ask if you need help.

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Training at HANSA-FLEX – the first 60 days

At HANSA-FLEX, Warehouse Logistics Specialist and the two-year variant Warehouse Specialist are the most common training courses, with just under 50% of our trainees learning this profession.


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