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More time, more transparency and new functions

HANSA-FLEX is moving purposefully towards the digital future, and a lot has already changed since we last talked in 2022 about digitalisation at HANSA-FLEX.

The digital transformation at HANSA‑FLEX is progressing steadily. HANSA‑FLEX CFO Florian Wiedemeyer reports on the most important progress and challenges, as well as the benefits for staff and customers.

Mr. Wiedemeyer, what progress have you made so far?

We have made significant advances. After analysing the relevant processes in the first half of 2022, in the second half of the year I started working with my colleagues on a comprehensive digitalisation strategy, and we are now in the implementation phase. This is an ongoing process, of course, but we can already see the first small successes.

What is at the top of the digital agenda?

IT was the first item on the agenda. There were some major issues to work on here. On the one hand, it was about how to provide digital assistance to colleagues in the company. On the other hand, it was about how to free up resources in the IT department so that staff also have the time to support colleagues from other departments. We have now achieved this by significantly streamlining some processes.

Can you give us a concrete example?

Status meetings, for example. First of all, we have basically virtualised these meetings, which already saves a lot of time. In addition, it is sufficient for one person per department to participate and then pass on the results to colleagues. Attendance is now also flexible. Participants log out when the points on the agenda that are relevant to them have been dealt with, and they can then get back to their tasks for the day.

So it's more of an agile approach?

Yes, the interaction among colleagues also takes place in an agile way via Microsoft Teams groups. Questions can be asked and information shared there. This creates an organic dialogue in which staff receive their information as required and in the necessary detail, directly from the responsible contact person.

What other important topics have been driven forward?

IT security was one of the most important issues in the context of our digitalisation strategy. As a major company with international operations, it is now no longer a question of whether cybercrime will be attempted, but only a question of when. That is why it is important for us to be as well prepared as possible for any eventuality. We have created appropriate structures here. A very decisive point in this respect is also to sensitise and train employees at all levels on the subject of IT security. After all, it is not the IT department that is the target of cyber criminals, who actually gain access via the computers and devices of the other departments. This is why all employees must be aware of the threats, how to recognise them and how to act if they notice an attempt at fraud.

And how do customers benefit from the digitalisation?

They benefit from our webshop and website, for example. We are constantly improving our digital offering and increasing the user-friendliness of our online products. For instance, the hose line configurator has been available in the shop since June. Customers can now configure their hose assemblies directly in the webshop, or simply enter the six-digit X-CODE to get exactly the product they want. The click-and-collect function also enables them to order from the webshop and pick up their products at the nearest branch.

Our customer magazine is now also digital, what are advantages?

This was mainly due to our commitment to sustainability as a company. The conversion of “Hydraulikpresse” from print to digital saves 12.5 tonnes of CO2 per issue. In addition, the conversion also allows us to include multimedia content such as videos in our magazine. Our customers receive the information quickly and interactively.
Digitalisation has led to significant progress at HANSA‑FLEX: leaner processes, agile communication, strengthened IT security and a webshop that is constantly being improved. Employees save time, and customers benefit from customised solutions. The conversion of the customer magazine to a digital format demonstrates our commitment to sustainability. HANSA‑FLEX remains resolutely on the road to the digital future. Many thanks to CFO Florian Wiedemeyer for this informative interview about the successful course of our digitalisation process!

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