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What does Frederick Freitag do?

What are the tasks of a service technician and operations manager at HANSA-FLEX? Frederick Freitag reveals in an interview.

Frederick Freitag is operations manager at the training branch in Bremen-Arsten. In this interview, he talks about his career at HANSA‑FLEX and his tasks as a service technician and trainer.

What brought you to HANSA‑FLEX?

After leaving school I trained as a precision mechanic specialising in mechanical engineering, and then worked as a fitter in service and maintenance operations at the company where I was an apprentice. I joined HANSA‑FLEX on the recommendation of a friend. I started as a service technician at the Oyten branch, and then worked for seven and a half years as a service technician in the Rapid Hydraulics Service in the Bremen area.

What is special about being a service technician?

You get to know a lot of people and a wide range of systems and construction machinery. You also travel around a lot and can see lots of things. It's always interesting, because no two jobs are the same. You always need to be prepared for new challenges. For example, I've already done jobs in a prison, at airports and on large cargo ships, so you also get insights into areas that you would otherwise have no access to.

What skills do you need to become a service technician?

You need to have completed an apprenticeship as a fitter or agricultural machinery mechanic. You should also have an interest in and expertise in building machinery, excavators and industrial machinery - both in theory and in practice. You have to be able to work independently and be prepared to get dirty, as you may have to get under the excavator from time to time. It’s also important to be able to adapt quickly to new jobs: you always need to be ready for adventures wherever you are sent, even at all times of the day and night. And of course, you should also be able to communicate with customers.

Now you are a branch manager and also an instructor and trainer?

At HQ the students and apprentices work their way through all areas of the company, so as a service technician I’ve always had apprentices, students or even new employees with me to introduce them to the work that service technicians do. I’ve always enjoyed that. As I've been training young firefighters in my spare time for many years and really get a kick out of this, I applied for the instructor position when the Training Branch moved from Baunatal to Bremen.

What are your tasks as an instructor?

The apprentices from all areas come to me in blocks of two weeks each. During this time, I teach them the theoretical and practical basics. They learn what characterises HANSA‑FLEX as a company and are allowed to work on their own projects. However, it's not just apprentices, but also new workshop staff who come to me for initial training - the service technicians for a week at a time. I give my colleagues the required training and prepare them for their day-to-day work. 

What do you particularly enjoy about your job?

I like getting to know colleagues from the HANSA‑FLEX family, enabling them to get off to a good start and passing on my know-how. I also enjoy helping apprentices to overcome gaps in their knowledge by promoting practical experience and strengthening their ability to work independently, as well as responding to their different characters during the training programme and supporting them individually.

HANSA‑FLEX materials with a difference: our trainees develop creative figures with sporting ambition and build them independently.


Apprentices' motto: Everything is getting more expensive - only HANSA‑FLEX remains stable.


HANSA‑FLEX attracts the most creative minds. This pipeline is also being tapped into.


Does HANSA‑FLEX offer good career opportunities?

Yes, a lot of emphasis is placed on professional and personal development. As a service technician I was able to successfully complete a number of seminars at the International Hydraulics Academy, which has made a lot of things easier for me in my day-to-day work. And as the Manager of the Training Branch I completed an advanced training course as a technical instructor and obtained the AEVO instructor’s certificate. HANSA‑FLEX really does offer a wide range of further training programmes. You could definitely work your way up from apprentice to board member here if you develop your skills in the right way.

What distinguishes HANSA‑FLEX as a family business?

The strong team spirit and the relaxed way in which we work together. If you need help, help is provided - that goes without saying here. As Chairman of the Management Board Thomas Armerding also makes a lot of time for his employees, and his door is always open. That's why I’m happy to be working here.

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