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Wordwide Poland

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Gdansk has its famous harbour and Krakow with its world-famous sausages may be the culinary capital of Poland. However, it’s Poznań where the country’s top hydraulic technology is headquartered.

HANSA‑FLEX Poland Fact Sheet

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Our Polish subsidiary was founded in June 1994. After the political transition in Eastern Europe, Jürgen Böttger and Günther Kusch from HANSA‑FLEX Germany were looking for a suitable location in northern Poland and a German-speaking partner to establish the first HANSA‑FLEX branch in the country. This led to a meeting with the Misiorny family. After the Armerding family had also agreed to the partnership, Michał Misiorny and his wife Magdalena became managing directors and co-partners of the Polish subsidiary. 


Humble beginnings and steady growth

The history of HANSA‑FLEX Germany began in Joachim Armerding's garage in Achim near Bremen. The history of HANSA‑FLEX Poland also began in a garage, albeit that of the Misiorny family in Baranowo near Poznań, around 600 kilometres east of Achim. With just 40 m² of workshop and 10 m² of office space, the Misiornys began to establish HANSA‑FLEX in Poland. In 1996 construction began on the first production facility in Poznań, to which the company moved in 1999. The headquarters of our Polish subsidiary are still located there today. This was followed by branches in Rumia on the Baltic coast, in Szczecin on the north-west border with Germany and later a cylinder plant in Poznań. Today HANSA‑FLEX Poland operates cylinder production and repair in Poznań, power unit production in Wrocław and component supplies country-wide. Overall, 126 people now work for HANSA‑FLEX Poland. The national subsidiary has 24 branches and seven service vehicles.

Extensive series production and service operations

HANSA‑FLEX Poland is broadly positioned and can fulfil all of its customers' product requirements. One of the main specialisations of HANSA‑FLEX Poland is the series production of hydraulic hose lines for OEM customers such as Solaris, Zoeller and Stadler. While the series production of hydraulic hose lines mainly takes place in Poznań and Rumia, 50 colleagues in Złotoryja work in two shifts to meet the strong demand for HANSA‑FLEX pipe lines. This primarily concerns demand from OEM customers in Poland, but also covers enquiries from HANSA‑FLEX Germany. The branch in Toruń also specialises in industrial hoses. "Our customers are impressed by our product quality and demand is constantly increasing," reports Malgorzata Grudziak, Head of Quality Management at HANSA‑FLEX Poland. "We want to expand our service business in the future, as there is a lot of potential for this in Poland. In addition to service and support, the areas of power unit construction, cylinder production and components will also be expanded further."


Many countries, one company

At the international level, HANSA‑FLEX Poland is closely networked with our other subsidiaries abroad. For example, the Złotoryja branch works closely with the German branch in Schönebeck. "That's perfectly normal for us. We see HANSA‑FLEX as a company with global operations which is at the service of its customers across borders," emphasises Malgorzata Grudziak. There may be language barriers or differences in mindset from time to time, but that's human nature and part of the job. "As long as the quality is right in the end, nothing else matters," says Małgorzata Grudziak, and she knows from experience that despite all the challenges, everything always works out in the end: "Everyone at HANSA‑FLEX is so flexible that the cooperation functions efficiently nevertheless. After all, we all share the same high quality standards. And it's also very enjoyable to discuss matters with our international colleagues and work together to find the best possible solutions for our customers." Line manager Karolina Kozłowska adds: “We are supported in achieving our goals by Business Development Manager Beric Giesenbauer, whose approach encourages us to act positively. This is the kind of cooperation that fits perfectly with the HANSA‑FLEX vision of togetherness.”

Our customers are impressed by our product quality and demand is constantly increasing

Misiorny family

Managing directors/Co-partners HANSA‑FLEX Polen

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