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What does Christoph Wardenburg actually do?

Christoph Wardenburg is a service technician with the mobile Rapid Hydraulic Service in the Oldenburg region. In this interview, the 32-year-old talks about his work at HANSA-FLEX and his personal highlights from the past six years.

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In our interview Christoph Wardenburg gives us an insight into his work as a service technician with the mobile Rapid Hydraulic Service and reveals the highlights of his working life.

How did you come to join HANSA‑FLEX?

I found out about HANSA‑FLEX online, and applied for a job as a workshop technician at the Oldenburg branch in 2017. When a position became available with the mobile Rapid Hydraulic Service shortly afterwards, I immediately made the switch within the company.

What did you do before joining HANSA‑FLEX?

After training as an agricultural machinery mechanic, I initially worked as an agricultural machinery fitter on a contract basis, in a workshop and as a cash-in-transit service mechanic.

What do you find special about your job?

I'm doing something useful. I help to build aeroplanes and trains, sometimes I repair a turntable ladder for the fire brigade - you're actually always helping, both society as a whole and our customers. They are always pleased when you arrive, which I appreciate.

What's the equipment like?

It's great to work with our fleet. You always work with very well-equipped vehicles and get an immediate replacement if a vehicle breaks down. In the service vehicle itself, you have everything you need from the very start. We have a 400-volt system that powers the skiving unit, the saw and the crimper. Our competitors often have to do skiving by hand and usually work with 12-volt appliances, so in comparison we are well-equipped.

What do you particularly enjoy about your job?

I enjoy everything, such as direct customer contact and working with the individual departments and colleagues. Everyone is always friendly and helpful. I also enjoy the variety. Before joining HANSA‑FLEX I wasn't even aware of the range of hydraulics that can be found everywhere. Now I'm thrilled to have such varied days.

What highlights/special events have you experienced in your job?

There have been lots of memorable experiences so far. One example would be supporting the construction company that built the LNG terminal in Wilhelmshaven. It was also a highlight to work on a wind turbine at a height of 160 metres to adjust the hose lines for the blade positioning. Working on prototypes or pneumatically equipping a pit lane for a German Touring Car Masters (DTM) team have also been special experiences for me.

Have you completed further training courses at HANSA‑FLEX?

Yes, I’ve already attended a number of courses. On the one hand, HANSA‑FLEX attaches great importance to the further training of its employees. On the other hand, it is also important to me to develop personally and professionally, and there are plenty of opportunities for this, not only in the field of hydraulics but also, for example, with SAP or instructor courses.

What hobbies do you have?

I have been a volunteer with the Edewecht volunteer fire brigade since I was 14 years old. Just like in my work as a Rapid Hydraulic Service technician, you never know exactly what is happening on site and need to find solutions quickly, often as part of a team.

Are there any special things about yourself you'd like to share?

I enjoy doing charitable work. I once organised a large donation of used fire brigade clothing and handed it over to Mrs Armerding, Chairperson of the Ukraine Solidarity Foundation, for the aid shipments sent to Ukraine. Even if it is no longer suitable for use by the fire brigade, it’s warm and hard-wearing clothing that can also be used in everyday life.

What qualities do you need to become a service technician?

You have to be able to chat with people, have technical understanding and not be afraid to get your hands dirty. And the more enthusiastic you are about hydraulics, the easier the job becomes.

What team event do you like in particular?

Our company football world championship. Every year, a tournament is organised over a weekend in which teams from various national subsidiaries take part. The winning country then organises the tournament the following year. It’s always a great opportunity to exchange ideas with colleagues from Germany and abroad and to get to know new cultures. The next tournament will be in Serbia. I'm really looking forward to it!

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What does Christoph Wardenburg actually do?

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